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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

A mini map about chinese water town.

Game: CounterStrike: Source Level Name: de_shishi2008_v2 File Size: 24.2+ MB Date Released: September, 2008 Game Type: PK or Defuse Ideal Playercount: 2-10 (Up to 40 players possible) Level Description A mini map about chinese water town. Tested systems INTEL Pentium Dual-Core E2200 (2.2GHz) DDR2 800 1G x 2 ESC 9600GT 512MB Windows XP Professiona SP3



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    Hi, people! Here is a manually optimized (hand-tuned) NAV-file (Navigation Mesh for playing with Bots) for this small fun map. Play and Enjoy! :-) Also Great Thanks to shishi for his fine maps!
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    Manager of Migrating Lemmings
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    Pros: Beautiful map, quick rounds, balanced gameplay (Out of the 12 rounds I played 6 CT wins, 6 T wins, though they all were by killing the opposing players, no explosions/defuses), lots of paths, promotes teamwork/moving around with small squads in your team. Cons: THE LIGHT BLINDS! I fell like the level of light in the map varies too much. Just moving around outside, the levels of brightness changes so many, it's distracting. Also, none of the games I played ended with the bomb exploding. Improvements: Detailed 3d sky box, less variation in brightness, could use more ways out of the water. Notes: I played with bots, I tried 4 rounds (2 on each team) with 19 bots, 4 rounds with 5 (2 rounds on each team, 4 rounds with 7 (2 on each team, all in all 12 rounds. I would recommend playing this map with 8 players. Shows real improvement in your skill at mapping since de_shishi2007


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    Pros: Fast paced. Balanced. And Realistic. A lot of places you can go in and out of which is very nice. Cons: Cant seem to find one. Improvements: More detailed 3d Skybox but i know its only v2 Notes: Great job!


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    Wonderful map, Awesome job. but i cant find any servers with it...
    Blod may be spilt, not mine.
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    jackro13 Joined 10y ago
    Perfect map ! 10/10


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    Excellent map all perfect... :D


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    The lonely one
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    Pros: Fast, small, but balanced layout. Despite of the 1 bombspot, its never one sided. If the teams are even, it is very good balanced. The map has a nice feeling, and looks good. Cons: The fps is a bit low on ct spawn, and the map lags horrible on bomb explode. There could be a little more sounds, and maybe a place where you can climb above the normal playground, but nothing critical. Improvements: The most important would be more fps. The other things above are just side notes :) Notes: In our cycle! Thx.


    Time is the fire in wich we bu
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    Congrats on doing the stuff i said its made such a big difference even just the small things like the gutters and stuff make it look so much more pleasing
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    Pros: WOW you hit this right on the money! is that a custom water also wow just wow i love this map please make more maps i love them! Notes: keep it up


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