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A Map for Team Fortress 2

THIS FILE IS BEING REPOSTED AFTER CONFERRING WITH THE MODERATORS AND CHECKING VALVES "RULES" FOR CONTENT USAGE. THIS MAP IS NOT ILLEGAL. THE CONTENT IT USES IS NOT FROM THE HALF LIFE 2 GAME FILES, BUT FROM THE SOURCE ENGINE SHARED CONTENT (C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\source 2007 shared materials.gcf,source 2007 shared models.gcf, source 2007 shared sounds.gcf, etc.) WHICH IS INSTALLED WITH AND AVAILABLE TO EVERY PC VERSION OF TEAM FORTRESS 2 WHETHER AS PART OF THE ORANGE BOX OR NOT AND CAN LEGALLY BE INCLUDED ACCORDING TO VALVES OWN CONTENT SHARING RULES (MOD CONTENT USAGE/SOURCE). YOU CAN SPAWN ALL OF THE HALF LIFE 2 CONTENT FROM THIS MOD IN TF2 USING create_dynamic_prop AND SIMILAR COMMANDS. REPEAT, THIS CONTENT IS CONFIRMED TO BE LEGAL, PLEASE DO NOT DISAPPROVE AS ILLEGAL SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE THE TEXTURES. ANY DISAPPROVALS MADE ON THIS BASIS WILL BE CHALLENGED. TF2 meets Half Life 2! The citizens of City 17 (red team) battle against their combine oppressors (blu team). The combine blu team is taking a strider to destroy the red team's secret research facility near their base. The red team has to destroy the strider before it reaches the research center, or City 17 is lost! The blu combine team needs to escort the strider and protect it on it's way to the research center so it can unleash it's full power! ***************************************** The strider is shielded from the front, so red needs to either get under it, or attack from the sides using the various windows, ledges and roofs around the map in order to do any significant damage. This map is slightly different from regular PL maps in a few other ways. For one, the strider, which acts as the cart, does not have a dispenser function and does not heal or replace ammo/metal, however it can attack! The strider's laser will cut down anything in it's path, friend and foe alike, so clear the area when it fires! The strider will move forward when members of the combine blu team stand near its legs, or slightly behind it. It will stop moving if it takes damage, and start moving backward if it takes over a certain amount of damage. If the strider takes too much damage it will be destroyed and the red team will win. The strider's current damage status is indicated by the color of the light on the console in the respawn room. If the light is blue the strider is in good health, green is about half health and if it's about to be destroyed the light will turn red. Blu gets 1 point for destroying each of the gates on the way to the research center. Any Red players near the gates when they are destroyed will be killed by the explosion. ***************************************** Please don't bother posting about using Half Life 2 textures and such in TF2. The entire idea of the map is that it's a Half Life 2 themed map! Credit to Valve for all the Half Life 2 textures, models, buildings, etc. I hope you enjoy this slightly different type of PL map. ------------------------------ 12/5 I revised a map. * The armor of the front of strider thickened. * I reduced some durability. * I lost a barrier. * I made a passage underground. * I made the tower where a sniper could step on. * Others 9/15 A revision point of beta version 8.1 * I set up shield before strider. The durability is low in this shield, but revives immediately even if broken. In addition, the durability of strider in itself does not decrease even if I disturb this no matter how much. * I made the durability of strider 14 from 12. * I changed some maps to be easy to do attack from the side in strider * I attracted attention to understand a lower text with the durability of strider at the time of a game start. Meters increase. * I revised that a nodrow beefsteak charr stayed on a building. * I installed a tele porter in a bottom and the gap of stairs and revised the bug that fitted in if I did teleport. * The person whom there was below if the floor that collapsed of the second gate collapsed died instantly. * strider did not attack it at the time of setup. * I attached a door to blue respwanarea. ---------------------------- *9/21 A revision point of beta 9 * I made the front part armor of the main body of strider big. * I made the size of the shield before strider big and increased some durability. * I could be accompanied and was not able to attack a wall from a long distance aside in the round building which the last curve had. * I kept an obstacle if I would repent for a snipe from a window of 1F in the second gate side. * I adjust the structure of the building to some extent generally. --------------------------- *6/16 A revision point of version2 ---------------------------- *7/4 A revision point of version3 *I make SKYBOX *I revise the bug that warning was announced when I capture STRIDER with last CP ---------------------------- Because it is WEB translation, there may be a place hard to find. Because I am weak in English, I am sorry Please watch in detail.



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  • 10y
    crazychicken avatar
    crazychicken Joined 13y ago
    2,903 points Ranked 1718th
    Hl2 textures are so ugly, that games looks terrible the map i sbuggy and all the text on screen isnt very clear and the strider llllllllllllllllllllll whenever you see one is annoying it needs a lot of work tbh before it is a playable map
    (O>) avatar
  • 10y
    Finally, a hl2 version of a map, i was getting sick of all the damn cartoon shit. 10/10


    C++ Coder
  • 10y
    jimmysmitty avatar
    jimmysmitty Joined 10y ago
    344 points Ranked 12873rd
    Pros: Its a new idea and the map has plenty of places for cover and to put sentries and also ways around. Nice work. Cons: Too bad there isn't a re-texture of the Strider for TF2 style. That would make this even better. Improvements: Just keep working on it and improve it as normal. Check for bugs/glitches and as usual see if there is any way to improve the balance and such.


    Who is your daddy and what doe
  • 10y
    OH-SNAP! avatar
    OH-SNAP! Joined 11y ago
    6,276 points Ranked 761st
    Balance: The balence was unbeliveably awful. BLU team can spawn camp and get into REDs spawn and the same with BLus spawn. Fun: Was not fun to me. Im sorry but I have played it, and it was not worth the DL. Gameplay: Game play was way offbalenced, and the map was infested with all sorts of map exploits and glicthes. Notes: I have found a number of map exploits, and gtiches everywhere. Whats with the no custom sounds? Also the strider was glicthing everywhere and was always going through the map and walls. Im sorry but I dont think it was worth the 7mb of hard drive space. 3/10


    Level 100 FPSB Member avatar
    Level 100 FPSB Member
  • 10y
    Booster37 avatar
    Booster37 Joined 10y ago
    3,618 points Ranked 1370th
    Pros: Really innovative idea you've got going on here. I was really confused how this map was going to go even after reading through your notes, but it seems to be sound. Can be a lot of fun at "parties". If you are into just having fun, this map is right down your alley. The strider shooting it really neat, and is a helpful asset to BLU. Cons: Although you say not to posting about HL2 textures and stuff in a TF2 game, I will dare to go there. It's actually not that bad, but not great either. I think TF2 texture with a strider would have done fine, but this works. From reading your notes, there is nothing that states that the strider will move forward even if no one is by it. I think this works, but should either be mentioned or taken out. At first, you don't understand what the heck "Strider llllllllll" is until you do enough damage to notice "hey, it's actually it's health". One may think "lol, is it trying to say something". I'd suggest making the health bar a different color if possible. The map does look a bit favored towards the RED team. I think it only took me about 7 rockets to take it down, and I don't find it very hard to sneak up behind and shoot. Speaking of rockets, Soldier is an obvious class selection for the defense on this map. Some Sniper may be used, and Spy and Demoman can be used a bit as well. For BLU, any class is fine, imo, but seeing that you've got a lot of soldiers, and the strider moves on its own, get some snipers out there and you can do a lot. You've got a nodraw issue near the red spawn. Have a soldier rocket jump to the top, and you'll see that you can see the strider's position from there. Around that area is a door which leads to the beginning which can be used by BLU once they get far enough. If RED walks up to that door near setup, they get shot by the strider though the door... Improvements: See Cons, but the first bit can be ignored. Notes: It's very innovative, and a clever map at that. I'd enjoy playing on this map for quite some time. Keep up the good work. :)


    Fire God avatar
    Fire God
  • 10y
    lolz1337 avatar
    lolz1337 Joined 10y ago
    100 points Ranked 30533rd
    Posted by Seko23 Looks like Great Mapping work , but the Style dont look like TF2 , its to much HL2
    Seems my rating has to be applied to the first post :\ It uses HL2 content, wich is a big no-no in tf2. It dont like getting sniper from every corner in the map, the gameplay is perfect, now just the map


    Ring Ring Ring, bananaphone
  • 10y
    Macca92 avatar
    Macca92 Joined 10y ago
    Brilliant idea, and very well executed. Good job.
  • 10y
    jiggajoe avatar
    jiggajoe Joined 11y ago
    195 points Ranked 19654th
    I think this map is brilliant. F all the guys that whine about HL2 textures not being TF2. If their not reading your discription they are too stupid to even leave a opinion. You tell them right out its meant to be HL2. Dont worry about the pinheads. This map plays great and is a fav on my server The Jetpack Server. Keep up the good work. TF2 needs more map makers willing to take a risk and keep the game fun. Again dont be so worried about opinions. Lou Reed once said "Critics are like assholes everyone has one" With that in mind please keep making interesting and fun maps to play.


  • 10y
    Nelson340 avatar
    Nelson340 Joined 10y ago
    228 points Ranked 17578th
    One thing I don't get is why people complain about HL2 textures in TF2 maps when they can be TF2-itized.
  • 10y
    X-tr3m3r avatar
    X-tr3m3r Joined 11y ago
    49,620 points Ranked 80th
    21 medals 1 legendary 3 rare
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    Posted by Seko23 Looks like Great Mapping work , but the Style dont look like TF2 , its to much HL2
    That is the main point of the map, lol.
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