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A nice remix of deagle5... textured with undergrounds and 2 sniping towers...

A nice remix of deagle5... textured with undergrounds and 2 sniping towers...



  • 9y
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    Yeah my clan has this on our gg server.

    very nice colours makes a change from the default dev ones and im also liking the rounded edges.

    nice map
  • 9y
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    Logan Dougall avatar
    Logan Dougall
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    Half Life Storm
    Some extremely nice brushwork used here, good contrast with the developer textures and detail brushwork to boot. All very nice to see from the start. The truss work is well done, adds some nice design to the level.

    Crates are okay, nothing spectacular but a good change from the usual. The tunnel system is also well thought out in its creation, you have places for light sources to be coming from and angled floor trim pieces. Should include a screenshot of that as its not really shown here :P

    The central gangway is nice, however because of the brushwork along the sides and top it can no longer really be used to get on top of the standard crates, however as most GG servers run at lower gravity I don't think this will be an issue but was just an observation.

    The 3D Skybox is a nice touch, a bit simple but better than nothing. Add some abstract or more buildings in it next time to go along with the displacements and MoHaX Palms.

    There are still some things that need to be fixed however, the first and foremost thing I noticed was the lack of optimization in the map. Even though its a basic level construction you should still have included basic theories here.

    I almost get the feeling that VVIS wasn't even run when you compiled the map.

    Heres two screenshots showing what I'm talking about:

    Adding just two layers of hint brushes, one at ground level to split the vis leafs for the tunnels and one at the top of the boxes as well to again split each section of tunnel into their own vis leafs would drastically improve players performance on this map as it will stop them from rendering the entire level and restrict it to just that of the local area.

    If you wanted to be really fancy make those tunnel entrances area portals.

    Now for VVIS to then work correctly those cubes would need to be normal world geometry, or have nodraw brushes inside them to form the shapes of the halls.

    That simple work on optimization will make a difference, just try it out. Any other questions give me a shout on my profile.


    ÜberStylers {...} ~/clubs/1947
  • 9y
    streather avatar
    streather Offline
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    Pros: Great idea, good to play on :)
    Cons: none
    Improvements: Cannot think of any
    Notes: ----


  • 9y
    Pros: very funny, better that the deagle that I known
    Cons: I don't find...
    Improvements: same...
    Notes: very good map thx !
  • 9y
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    Pros: mmm! i love the lights, also the idea of the map.
    Cons: n/a
    Improvements: n/a
    Notes: This was from the CS 1.5 or 1.6? isn´t it?.


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