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A Map for Portal


Hotfix 1
  • Addition Custom materials now packed into maps.
  • Adjustment More efficient map and thumbnail locations now being used.
  • Adjustment Bonus map information improved.
  • Removal Removed unnecessary files.
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This map is the last map i creat

Skinnycap_Last created by Marty Map name Skinnycap_Last Skinnycap_Last_Adv Contact: Email - Special Thanks to: Niels soad667 And you, if you have played the map. Thanks!
Description: This is the last map i create. Perhaps i'll create more, but not soon enough. Remember, no cheating! :P Features: # 5 rooms. # Level design similar to the original Portal style. # Level difficulty is balanced, like the original. # A secret room.
To install, follow these steps: 1. Open the Skinnycap_Last compressed file with WinRar. 2. Copy both folders, from Maps and Materials folder, into the Maps and Materials folder at the main Portal directory. 3. Load up Portal, go into the Bonus Maps, and find the maps under Skinnycap's Maps. 4. Play through it. Once you have completed the maps, the game will return to the main menu. 5. If you have encountered any bugs or want to give feedback, feel free to send an e-mail.
If you are going to edit my creation / use for advertisement or add into it; you must give me credit and ask for my permission. If you are going to make videos / movies of these maps (e.g. make a speed run / play through of the map) feel free but if you are using it in a trailer of some sort, again, please ask for permission and give credit to me for the map. Have Fun! //Marty



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    Well this isn't something I expected to be updated.
  • 9y
    That map was really great ! But i never figured out the advanced version... :( Nice job Skinnycap, your work always impress me !
  • 10y
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    Pros: It's just plain awesome. Cons: In screen 3, make the lights in the rooms blue, unless it's red for a reason.


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    Pros: Very fun original level. Felt unique and right at the same time. The hard mode twist was nice as well, which I completed and it was very possible but challanging at the same time. Notes: Very nice work!


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    Looks promising, Don't like what appears to be red lighting all that much in the 3rd screenshot. Just doesnt fit in my oppinion. Good job :)


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