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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

The Death Star of Star Wars

This map is of the Death Star's Superlaser control room, and what I think is the reactor room (Not sure what it is officially called). At the time the map is in beta with many things that still need doing, like changing some textures, making props and finishing the superlaser control room among many other things. It's not a perfect replica of the rooms because of sizing, trying to fix that now will take days, and textures, I didn't try to get licensing from LucasArts to use their textures they used in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Also the design of a lot of the brushes are not perfect. The map included is fully working, has both T and CT spawn and shouldn't have any bugs that I don't know about. Map is currently a 21-player map. Where you see the doors marked with caution colors (Blast doors) I won't be developing rooms on the other side unless I decide to make the full Death Star which I doubt I will. The main reason I am uploading this now in beta is for criticism, I really need help from other players and people that know the Death Star more then I do to fix or improve things. Things I will fix/add: Finish the Superlaser control room Bomb site for regular in Superlaser control room Some brushes Sizing on some brushes More spawn points Things I won't be fixing/adding: Extra rooms Secret rooms (That I will tell :P) Resizing of the entire map to make everything proportionally correct to the original Some textures (I used to closest textures I could without making any or using outside textures) Particle effect for the Superlaser (I don't know how and I'm pretty sure the HL2 Source engine doesn't use particle effects) HDR (The textures I used look really bad with HDR lighting so I won't be doing HDR) I'm also not the best mapper in the world, so yeah, you can't really expect it to be super perfect or anything. This beta will not be coming with a NAV file, so if you need it, make it yourself). The map doesn't work good with bots anyway. UPDATE: FINAL RELEASE HAS BEEN UPLOADED:



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100% VALVe Hammer Editor. I really like Star Wars, been a big fan since the A New Hope was made, I've always wanted to make a Star Wars map for Counter-Strike: Source.
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