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A Map for Team Fortress 2

Attack the red castle!

So this is the v2 of CP_Medieval_Siege. Textured with some tf2 textures. Added some battlements. Added a siege boat. *Cannon breaks the main wall. And bridgedrops to reds battlements. Added a trebuchet *Does 400 damage to Cap B, when used. (Only one use) Changed the skybox to TF2. Have Fun Ikem SORRY for the bad map file. I rar'ed the old unbuilt cubemapped one. This one is current now.


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  • temion avatar
    temion Joined 13y ago
    4,974 points Ranked 1,521st
    Pros: One thing I really like about this map is the concept itself. Your execution for this castle is hit and miss, but the general brush work is fantastic. This map exudes potential on all fronts. Cons: Portions of the map appear very sloppy, and somewhat rushed. In your screen shots alone I can already see brushes which do not line up. Not to mention, the skybox is very rushed and very little is done to immerse the map into it's universe. Improvements: -Use alphas with your displacements to give them some variety in texture. 1 monotonous texture for the entire floor of the map is boring as hell. Just switch to a blend texture and tweak with 'paint alpha'. -"do more" when it comes to textures, as of right now I feel like you have 5 textures you are spreading around. Even areas like tall walls can have 2-3 textures from top to bottom as well as being covered in decals to spice up the space. When texturing there is one feat you need to accomplish, and ONLY one... make the player forget he is looking at tiling textures. To achieve that takes plenty more work then you've put in -Replace the encasing walls with rocks or trees. You need to do something to make the player feel like they aren't in a little box. If you simply skin the encasing walls with Player clip, and put lots of props behind it, you've already taken a leap in the right direction -Make an actual 3d skybox and place some good props in there. You have this boring sky which barely feels like it belongs. Notes: I really like this map. As it stands though I couldn't see myself playing it for long. There is simply not enough to immerse me into this map. I don't feel like I'm conquering a tf2 style castle, i feel like I'm playing a slightly more textured orange map. Also remember, if the player will never be able to see some props, remove them. You have a huge ocean with boats and everything.. all of that can be inside the skybox to cut down on fps. If the player can't see it in regular game play, it shouldn't even exist. Keep pushing this map, i feel like it has mass potential.
    Was that a pulse...?
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  • kelrog avatar
    kelrog Joined 13y ago
    5,983 points Ranked 1,242nd
    Looks promising. have to try it out soon.
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ikem Joined 13y ago
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