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A Map for Team Fortress 2

Non-linear control point map set in space

Starship Beta 3 This is a non-linear control point map set on a ship in space. Each team starts on opposite ends of the map, the first team to capture the enemy's dock point wins. In order to capture the dock point a team only needs two out of the three middle points. After capture, the middle points will auto-lock for 45 seconds before opening back up again. This prevents points from getting continuously scout rushed immediately after capture. The bonus point (Sewers) grants a team forward respawns if the own both it and the Engine or Bridge. Additionally it is the only point that grants a team a respawn time bonus. This map is very large and due to its non-linear nature it is highly recommended that it be played on servers of 24 - 32 people. Change-Log from Beta 2: - Revamp of Home point docking layout - Complete overhaul of bridge point - Complete overhaul of engine room point - Overhaul of Spawn Points - Ceiling revamps across the board - Additional polish - Home Points - Additional Polish - Bridge & Engine - Additional Polish - Sewers - More/Better Ambient noise - Further Improvements on lighting - Custom Signs & Icons - Custom Starfield Skybox Game Dynamics Changes: - Temp lock on points (After capping, the point will not be available for another 45 seconds) - All Capture timers (minus !) increased 50% Known Issues: - Some windows you can see level geometry through in addition to the skybox, I have done my best to minimize the issue, but was unable to correct it completely. Special Thanks to Deathkiller, DrunkenGun, and FlyingMongoose for mapping advice Testing by BrBUninstalling: Contact:



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    Pros: Looks beautiful, feels great, awesome team balance and it's well optimized. Cons: The outer textures don't appear to be optimized and there's a few bits and pieces with overlapping textures. All-in-all though it's very good. That's just nitpicking, honest. Improvements: There isn't much else that can be done outside of some texture optimization and detailing and even then this map has come so far from it's original roots it's really quite beautiful in comparison to earlier betas. Notes: Unique setting, looks good, plays very very well.


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    Pros: Great balance, great areas for some fantastic battles. Love the compactor Cons: Bonus capture area can be confusing.


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    Pros: Well, this map certainly looks outstanding! Really cool. Like the outer space theme. Cons: You pointed out one of your bigger cons in the notes, talking about floating geometry being seen through the windows, so I marked off for that. This map can also get very confusing for newcomers. Once you branch off to the Bridge or Engine, it can be difficult to find where else to go. I'm also confused with the little are in both team's spawns with the teleport icon. I step in it with all but the last point owned and nothing happens. I don't know if it's actually for something or not, so I did not deduct for that. I got a little annoyed with the door that separates the Cargo hold from the two docks, and I don't know why those door open down as opposed to up. With that certain model, it just doesn't look right. Last thing is that I find it annoying that even though I am still considered to be in the spawn room, if you walk out to the glass areas and change classes, you kill yourself. Sure, you are only about 3 seconds from the spawn, but some people just don't feel like going back. Improvements: Work more on the floating objects. Have to work on that. Just have to. Maybe more signs pointing to areas may help. Fix those doors, and extend the class changing area. Notes: It certainly looks good, but you gotta work on those bugs. Still a great map. A- at best for now. Keep up the good work.


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    Bah I made a stupid mistake and forgot to pack the skybox in with the rest of the BSP, I recommend anyone that downloaded the map delete the files and get the RAR again. Sorry :(
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    Pros: Innovative gameplay mechanics. Non-linear layout. Decent balance for most classes. Cons: Graphical layout is a work-in-progress, could benefit from more curved walls/surfaces. Notes: plays best on a larger (e.g. 32-person) server.


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  • 10y
    Pros: Excellent gameplay Cons: minor graphical glitches Improvements: Polish, more than anything.


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    <3 caff, good job on the map. :D


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    Pros: Excellent layout, texture work, great balance, and unique capture point set up. Cons: Personal opinion if you want to play engineer you HAVE to have 2 engineers, otherwise you will never be able to cover all entrances (and this is a flaw in my opinion others may see different)




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