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A Map for Garry's Mod

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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's SUPER... no wait, it's a plane.

This is version 2 of my plane map. I uploaded as a seperate map because in some ways, it is a different map. I want people to have a choice between the two. This version has many new features and fixes. For all you first-time downloaders, here's a list of all the features: The plane has from back to front, bathrooms, economy section, bathrooms and stewardess area, first class, door to outside, and the cockpit. There are numerous buttons. The three in the stewardess area control the lights, according to cabin. The middle button controls the lights in the bathrooms and such. The buttons in the cockpit do, from left to right, 1. Turn on/off the hurt trigger on the ground below the plane. You can use this area to build. 2. Turn on/off all the lights in the plane, minus the cockpit. 3. Activate a greenscreen in the cockpit window, and play a funny sound clip. (One of my screenshots used the greenscreen) 4. Close and lock the cockpit door, activates alarms and flashing 'emergency' lights. The buttons to the left of the cockpit door when you are looking at it open the door. The button to the right in the cabin also closes and locks the door. There is a new feature, a wrecked version of the plane. It is hidden though, but not very well so that you can find it pretty easily. Hint: Look for a button. I didn't put any scorch decals or explosion burns or fires or too much debris in the wrecked area. I figured you could do that in game, according to how you want it to look. +++++IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes the lights mess up in weird places. It's a weird error, but it happens sometimes. Just turn them off and back on a few times. I made a autotrigger that does this in the first few seconds of play. If that doesn't fix it, you can always place your own lights.+++++ READ THE README FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE MAP Made by Sliferjam.




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