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Paradise is Over.

Paradise takes open-ended CS:S environments to a level beyond even what The Lost World could provide by giving you a dynamic environment chock full of traps, mines, vehicles, and good old fashioned climbing against a pristine tropical backdrop. You'll find that this map offers a high amount of replay value as there are several (over four) ways to reach your objective at any one time and several perilous pitfalls to halt your progress. WALKTHROUGH: You start disoriented in sunken ship with only your crew mates and weapons to begin with. You can break out of the lower deck by destroying the weakened hull or take another route through a damaged vent and out the other end of the ship. Option 1: You can swim straight toward the first island. Option 2: You can shoot the debris off of a sunken zodiac, where it then rises to the water's surface, and it will take you all the way to the Fishing Village. Option 1 will lead you to the beach of the first island where you have three options: Left ramp up, right ramp up, or rope straight to the top. Climbing the rope is a dangerous action as the rope will randomly break within a 10 second period, and anyone still climbing could fall to their death. Entering the island's interior will lead to new problems as land mines will throw you off the island (not kill you) and wood traps will encircle unwary victims. At the other end of the first island will offer four options: You can take a rope tram to the second island, jump over a very tall rock formation to the second island, take an old (and dangerous) cable that connects the two islands and fourth take the man's route and swim (which will probably get you zombified!). The second island offers a much more condensed jungle with more mines to watch out for until you reach a clearing. Here are another four options: Use the hang gliders (hold the left mouse button and use WASD to glide), 'surf' down the cliff side to the V-22 Osprey waiting below in the village, jump into the water and free the zodiac boat from the cable it's attached to at the dock, or swim like a man (again, you'll probably get turned doing this.) The boat and osprey offer their own obstacles which must be given attention, and the hang glider unfortunately cannot gain lift without sufficient wind, so either way you'll probably be treading water as you try to reach the volcanic island of Wilmekea Peak. Remember, if you need to swim, swim AROUND the buoy in order to make it to the third and final island. Once you reach the volcanic crater, descend down the shaft to the ancient's room where remnant equipment of a failed experiment still lay awaiting input. Setting off the magma chamber charges will thus make Wilmekea unstable and will eventually trigger a spectacular eruption that will destroy all life on the archipelago. SECRET: The hang gliders cannot lift on their own, since they are technically gliders. However, all hang gliders can take lift from wind updrafts created from when wind currents hit cliff walls and move upward. There is a secret wind updraft against the second island's cliff, all you have to do is make a LEFT U-TURN once you get into the hang glider and fly alongside the cliff TOWARD spawn. Gain enough altitude and you'll be able to fly all the way to Wilmekea Peak! TIPS: HOLD the left mouse button down and use WASD to control the glider. Gliders are not precision machines, they respond to directional movements slowly and cannot fly backwards... easily. Swim AROUND the buoy in the ocean to reach the other side of the ocean currents in order to reach Wilmekea Peak. There is a zodiac hanging by a cable on the dock & fillet house at the Fishing Village. Shoot the cable and the boat will fall into the ocean. Watch out for ocean-faring predators! Press the emergency button in the V-22 Osprey aircraft to commence extraction. You can climb on top of the V-22 if things get hairy, but keep your eyes peeled for incoming objects. ISSUES: Low FPS is experienced by older computers. Sorry, that's the price that's paid for open ended environments like Paradise. The vast majority of users should not have a problem. There are also minor vehicle glitches, but most of the time things should run smoothly. Please tell me if you experience an overwhelming amount of glitches with the Osprey. To alleviate the "falling out" effect, try jumping onto the roof of the Osprey while you wait for extraction. STORY: July 23, 2009 1023 Zulu The South Pacific has long been of interest to the Americans as it has traditionally provided a haven for radical South Asian terrorist cells. As a SEALS Operator you were sent undercover on an oiltanker to investigate local terrorism in the pristine Wilmekea Archipelago. Unfortunately, your tanker hit a WWII-era mine that degraded the hull. Upon arriving to shore it was clear that there were no humans--instead this place seems to have been a terrorist biochemical facility gone awry. A virulent rabies strain had been developed at Wilmekea and has since spread to every island. A crewmate has been bit by an infected rat and quickly turned. You must reach the local Fishing Village for extraction, and await further orders. Paradise is over, son. Map by: Butterknife (Jaekto) Texture support: Japetheape Flora & Fauna: Stene, Raptor Phillips Be sure to check out my other maps: Jurassic Park, The Lost World, and Teen Pregnancy!



  • 7y
    Please release v2 with improved things like add props, add holding points where you must hold the zombies, make the map more longer, etc....
    I want realism in the game!
  • 8y
    Ultra fun map. The best thing about it is that there are multiple routes, meaning that escape is not limited to those lucky enough to reach lifts, vehicles, etc. first.
  • 8y
    Artja avatar
    Artja Joined 9y ago
    157 points Ranked 21677th
    Awesome map!Reminds me Farcry.10/10
    think 100 times,before posting avatar
    think 100 times,before posting
  • 9y
    Nice map but the hang gliders make it very difficult for players to operate, sometimes they even get stuck in them :/
  • 9y
    hyrsy avatar
    hyrsy Joined 11y ago
    Lol it took me 8 rounds to get the whole idea of the map and how to escape correctly. Good map but make sure to make them friendly for people who play the map for first time. very big minus.
  • 9y
    Hawf Wit avatar
    Hawf Wit Joined 10y ago
    110 points Ranked 27285th
    Great map Butterknife! What I really like about this map is that it is very inque in how you escape from the zombies, the hang gliders really make this map to be remember. Instead of running some long and unoriginal track of obstacles and potential traps, this is more of a climbing map where you go up and down instead of backward and forward. On a graphical scale, you really did a great job on your blending of textures, grass to rock and such. You really captured the environment of the island feel, it kind of reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean a bit, the whole shipwrecked feel and the island hopping brings out the theme a lot.
    Cons: Your textures, although blended very well are obviously repeating, yes I know, there isn't much you can do about that, but try putting more props that fit in, like in the cliffs, put more trees hanging out, maybe some rocks and suck, give it more because when you look at it, you can still see the basic shape of the brushes. Which leads me to your displacements, you did a good job, I just don't think you did enough toreally extentuate a rocky terrain, I guess just pump up the paint pressure and go to town on those cliffs. I was going to point out the FPS problem, but you already have that down and there really isn't anything you can do about it anyways, these maps demand a higher end hardware to be ran at a decent level so really, no problems there.
    Improvements: Really just bump up the displacements on the cliffs to give it more a jagged, rocky terrain.


    Scot and proud
  • 9y
    jKulkin avatar
    jKulkin Joined 9y ago
    264 points Ranked 14970th
    Really fun butters, love the volcano climb the most, gliders are fun too!


    Bananite avatar
  • 9y
    firetaco avatar
    firetaco Joined 10y ago
    Pros: Every aspect of this map is done right. I love what you did here. Im not give this a 10/10 just because im in intox, but because I just love it.

    Plus its really fun, when your with your buds.
    Cons: None


    Hai Im firetaco.
  • 9y
    Pros: Good map, loads of fun to play.
    Cons: N/A
    Improvements: N/A
    Notes: Make more maps, butterknife! I love your work!
  • 9y
    OH-SNAP! avatar
    OH-SNAP! Joined 10y ago
    6,276 points Ranked 736th
    Ambience: Ambience looks great. Tropical map with lots of Detail. Ahh...paradise. - 10

    Design: Design looks a little weird, I mean I dont like falling into lava and dieing. I dont really like traps, but it sure does trick people, which is always fun! - 9

    Detail: Detail looks amazing, though untill lots of blood stains rui it all and zombie heads on the ground. - 10

    Fun: Very fun. The funnest ZE maps ive play so far in a long time. Cant what for what intox is gonna make next. - 10

    Looks: Looks are a little off but its alright. What im wondering if youve made a custom
    skybox at all. - 8

    Realism: Realism is a little off as well. I mean you dont be seeing any blocky volcanos anywhere, but seeing it is the source engine, I have no choice but to give this a 10. - 10

    Sound: I love the sound design really fits in to the style of the map. - 10

    Pros: Its a good map and reall fits into the "paradise style" untill zombines heads start popping off.

    Cons: None.

    Improvements: None.

    Notes: Good map for ZE. Really fun and great to play. Overall,



    Level 100 FPSB Member avatar
    Level 100 FPSB Member


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