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A Map for Team Fortress 2

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My newest CP map incorporating Trains and teamplay a la Well style

Freightyard - BETA 4C - Map made by [BAY] Volcom82 Visit my site at [BAY] Clan can be located @ The neighboring BLU and RED companies have been at a constant war over supplies. RED team has taken over a nearby trainyard in order to transport grain to the farms. BLU, unable to accept this has moved into a neighboring building.. All that separates them are a few trains and a warehouse.. the fight is on! Objective: Blue Team wins by capturing the RED Shed Refinery Red Team wins by capturing BLU Industries Inc. Other Notes: Control Points cannot be captured while they are locked. ----------------------------- Full Changelog: B3-B4C Thanks to Hell Berzerker for helping me with fixing up the map and adding displacements! [Fix] Fixed several pipes "floating" off of the walls and floors [Fix] Added smoke effects that come out of various vents throughout the bases. [Fix] Fixed Engineer's being able to build inside the lower entrance doors and front doors. [Add] Added displacements (Terrain) to the outside areas. [Add] Added misc details outside of the bases. [Add] Added an upper battlement in each base that is useful for snipers. Snipers can now shoot Demos and Soldiers that are on the rooftop of the warehouse. [Add] Added custom HUD icons [Add] Added a picture VGUI that can be viewed by hitting the "i" key. [Add] Added displacements to the internal area of RED's base as well as grass and rock effects. [Add] Added a few extra buildings/smokestacks to the 3D Skybox.



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  • jimmysmitty avatar
    jimmysmitty Joined 11y ago
    344 points Ranked 49065th
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    Pros: Great map, VALVe quality and easy to learn to play on. Every new person to it gets good at it right away and there is advanced skill level abilities too. Cons: None Improvements: None Notes: Only thing I will say is it works for every class. Yes there are certain things made better for other classes but so far every class has a fair and equal chance in this map and you yourself have proved (from me watching you) that any class can excel in any map it just takes skill. Other than that this is my second fave map next to Casbah.
    Who is your daddy and what doe
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  • AI|Chicky avatar
    AI|Chicky Joined 15y ago
    37,209 points Ranked 116th
    access_time 11y
    Pros: The map design promotes fast game play. Cons: It reminds me of a minature well... minus the water. Improvements: There's only a few areas that could use some improvements. First, your points have icons on them to indicate what point is what. I typically love that added touch from custom map makers. However, on yours, it looks like something is wrong with the image and thus, doesn't look good at all. I'd either redo those icons, or remove them entirely. Your map is small enough that it's not really needed. Second, I noticed a drop in fps near the sniper area on the BLU side. I didn't really notice it on the RED side. I typically get 150 frames per second, and so to drop to 60, that's fairly noticeable. I personally wouldn't care, but those who don't have nicer graphics cards may. If you know someone who has an older card, you might want to see if they notice it. If they don't, then don't worry about it. ;) The door to the underground middle area doesn't look like a door. I didn't notice it the first run through. I think I'd make it a glass door similar to the ones in spawn on 2fort. That way it's obvious what you're getting yourself into before you go that way AND there's no way people will miss it. I didn't really notice any ammo or health packs laying around. Maybe there were some and I just didn't see them. But make sure you have plenty near that middle point. Don't go overboard - but enough that players don't feel like it's impossible to find health or ammo there. Also, the white part of the BLU base (outside walls) seemed awfully bright. Notes: This map isn't for everyone. 3 points attack/defend like a minature cp_well will definitely have it's audience, but won't be loved by all. Games will be shorter on a map like this than it would be on a full fledged 5 point map. But the quick game play may very well be welcomed by a lot of players. Good work. avatar
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  • overkill977 avatar
    overkill977 Joined 12y ago
    access_time 11y
    Pros: Awesome Battlements, Like the basement level good for pyros. Cons: none Improvements: none that i can find but ill keep looking Notes: overall great job keep it up
    Portal King avatar
    Portal King
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  • Chaosrain112 avatar
    Chaosrain112 Joined 13y ago
    529 points Ranked 44924th
    access_time 11y
    I don't know what's up that guy's ass but quite frankly Volcom, this is your best work to date. So what if it shares the same style that Valve introduced? That's not what matters, it's how the map itself is played and layed out.
    300 pound Russian
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  • lildevil avatar
    lildevil Joined 12y ago
    126 points Ranked 63351st
    access_time 11y
    It looks as if you've put a lot of work into the details and design of this map. Unfortunately, you've gone with a generic industrial setting and used stock textures. The main outside area has little to no elevation changes and is nearly all flat & somewhat boring. TF2 mappers need to start thinking outside the realm of industrial settings. We already have plenty maps in that genre & the Valve maps do it considerably better, IMO
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Hammer Editor/Source SDK Photoshop (for the custom icons and vgui pictures)


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