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An aim map with two forts :D

This map is made by me, Mandera. My first map actually. It took me a few days to finish the map. This map provides room for 2 to 24 players, there are several ways to get into the opponents fort. When you spawn you can choose ak-47 or m4a1, if you wont die your weapons will be kept. There's an awp on the roof which is a bit tricky to grab. Each fort got a door which can only be opened from inside. ***Changes with vers. 1.1*** The lamps inside are now gray/white colored. Boxes have been added to the roof. The windows on the first floor are now bigger. Fixed the textures. The button which open the door have now been moved to the center where the guns are located. The fire have been moved from the bridge to pillars in the water. ***Changes with vers. 1.2*** A ladder has been added so you can easier get to the roof. The water texture have been changed so you now can see through it. The sun has been moved so now it's much lighter outside. An edge has been added so you can go from one roof to to the other. I've put nodraw texture on really many faces which appeared to increase the fps ^^ The latest version is here:



  • 9y
    OMGBEAR*RAWR* avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    2,793 points Ranked 1646th
    Pros: Really like the lightning
    Cons: that broken wall should "lead"somewhere"
    Improvements: 3d skybox!
    Notes: putting all together this is realy nice map


  • 9y
    Nexolate avatar
    Nexolate Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    1,006 points Ranked 4648th
    I don't understand why most people can't take this much time an effort with their first map. This looks excellent, well done on a first attempt.
    Your average Mapper
  • 9y
    kniFely avatar
    kniFely Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    1,670 points Ranked 2789th
    Pros: Great balance across the map. I like the amount of alternate ways to go, especially for a 'small' map like this. The reflective effects in the middle section add a really nice [noticeble] touch. Good lighting throughout, with nice skybox. Also, very nice effects; i.e. floating AWP and fire in the middle.
    Cons: Very risky to get to get to the other side, so this may result in a 'sniping' war from across the forts, but this may add a nice balance between attack and defend (which is good)
    Improvements: Use proper 'prop' ladders, look better than the ones right now.
    Notes: Very fun map, most enjoyable with 4 to 20 players.



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