death row

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"DeathRow". Is a Siege map with a twist. You’re trying to break out-of, not in-to a base, in this case the maximum security prison "DeathRow". There are some unique buildings that are various bridge segments inverted, flipped, enlarged, and joined, as well as spotlights that I am somewhat proud of. The point of the "Siege" mission is for the Attackers (Inmates) to break out of a maximum-security prison by disabling its 4 interior gens and (optional) 2 exterior gens. Escape its underground cellblock and into an open courtyard. Then it's over or through its massive walls. Once outside the walls of “DeathRow” the "Inmates" have limited time to get to any of four switches North, South, East, & West before they are given a warning about escaping "DeathRow" and begin taking damage. The Defenders are "jailers" and must prevent ANY inmates from escaping. The defenders have the use of pre-placed security cameras to track the where-abouts of the inmates. Before the mission starts "right-click" through the observer cams and see the view from "THE CHAIR", but don't stop there... Keep clicking to see other views from "DeathRow". Including the Guard Tower Cam, and the infamous Shower Cam! The bots don't work very well offensively unless set to follow a player. Set them all to play defense and you're up for a challenge in a single player game. Keep in mind this is a prison. It’s supposed to be difficult to escape. This is the fruition of so many people's help but I really need to thank: t-b0n3: Responsible for mission area damage, Static Security Camera creation, fixing my spawn spheres and cleaning up my MIS! I could not have done it with out you Zear: Spending so much time trying to make a working electric chair and just general help answering questions around the forum. PJ: For helping me figure out the force fields and how to power them with out generators! Bytor: For helping me to figure out the nexus effect wasn't going to work so well on a siege map! And especially for keeping this site so up to date and making a positive place for us to spend a little quality time. Star: For giving it a once over so long ago and giving such great feedback! To everyone who has downloaded "DeathRow" beta and gave advice, suggestion and praise, THANK YOU!!! And to so many more who helped by answering questions around the forums. HERE IS DEATHROW!!!



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