deadly waters

A Map for Tribes 2

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Here's an interesting little map. It's all a bunch of water, right? You openly mock this map, then you download it. Little do you realize, as you enter this map, that it will take all the teamwork you can manage to win. The defense must work at extremely high speeds, because the defense starts the mission at a remote base close to the Switch Base. The defense must use vehicles or some other means to access their Switch Base. There are also other problems, such as there being only one station at the Switch Base. Finding quick routes to get as many equipped players as possible from the Remote Base to the Switch Base will be the difference between success and failure. The defense must also repair the Platform Gen for an attempt to secure their Vehicle Gen. The offense has many options on how they can progress. They must repair their Underwater Generator to use vehicles, however. The offense can either swarm the Switch Base and go for the win, or they might take different means. There are many turrets used by the defense, which prevent entry into the bases. If the offense takes down the remotely located Defense Gen, then all these turrets go down, allowing for easier entry. Maybe the offense will want to cut off the route between the Remote Base and the Switch Base. If the offense swarms the Remote Base and blows up the Vehicle Gen, then the defense loses the ability to make vehicles. At a critical time like this, the defense must work very quickly to get back on their feet. When the offense finally attacks the Switch Gen, they must take down the Central, West, and East generators. Then, they must attack the Switch Generator. After the Switch Generator is down, then the offense must make a blind run for the switch. It sounds very difficult, but the offense should remember one thing - the defense spawns far away from the Switch base, making your attack much easier than it seems. In summary, this map will take every ounce of teamwork that you can manage to win, no matter if you are on offense or defense.



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