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Well, here is a small sized iraq based map, i made it cause i found it fun and so did my clan. anyways Screenshot 1 : The Map Screenshot 2 : T Spawn Screenshot 3 : Ct Spawn Screenshot 4 : Small Ct Hut With Auto On Floor Screenshot 5 : Small Secret Place that one side you can see through the other you cant Screenshot 6 : Small Area with a awp inside. Accesable for the Terrorist, Somehow, you have to work it out. So yea Enjoy Theres also some fog.



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    Hey, Lynx, I tested the map out with a couple of people, and tested for bugs etc. by myself, and in all honesty, I expected more for this map. Pros: This map has good lighting, which creates that nice modern desert (only way I could think of to describe it, lol, it's like a reddish desert) kind of feel. Textures match the overall theme for the most part. Plenty of cover etc, without it seeming too unnatural. Cons:
    • Overuse of displacements, many are intersecting and look generally bad, and the transitions are very sudden in a lot of places, like huge spikes randomly jut out from the ground / walls.
    • Skybox is unfitting of the theme, the militia_hdr skybox is better for sunny, daytime-themed maps.
    • Displacements got in player's way often when trying to run.
    • Outter walls lack in detail.
    • Many ways to scale walls (That's how I got to easter egg) I'm unsure if this was intentional, however, by doing this it is easy to get onto the outter walls and jump/fall out of map. That is not good.
    • Buildings lack in detail, they seem to be just 4 walls with a door way and perhaps a window.
    • Many, many intersecting brushes, this is bad for FPS and the looks / realism, because you'll never see a solid wall going through another in reality, lol.
    • Poor texture alignment in some cases, such as in the building in the far right in screenshot 3.
    • No visible use of the nodraw texture, more specifically on the outter walls, (not the skybox, the other ones) their outter faces should be textured nodraw so that players don't have to render what they'll never be able to see (with the exception of falling out of the map... >_<)
    • Smoother displacements, and don't use so many displacements when you don't need to.
    • Decals on outter walls / buildings
    • Small detail props, specifically in the buildings.
    • Fix the many intersecting brushes, an extremely noteable one is the bridge connecting spawns - It glitches through the displacements and looks really bad.
    • Fix random obstacles players run into, specifically jutting out displacements. It ruins the gameplay when you have to constantly maneuver around obstacles simply to kill someone.
    • New skybox
    • Put some playerclip textures beside the outter walls to hold players in the map.
    • Fix texture alignment issues in some places.
    • Create more routes to the other team's spawn, and more ways out of the trench thing. It's too predictable as to where people will go, when there's only 1 or 2 ways you can go.
  • Notes: Overall it's a good idea, but it needs work, and to be honest, it looks like in the end you just ended up throwing props everywhere and rushing the displacements rather than making them smooth. I like the lighting, but with good lighting you need a good skybox. Try to think out the layout of the map better in the future and don't rush the minor details just to release the map. I focused moreso on cons / improvements than I did on pros, because there's no use in listing everything awesome about a map, so please, don't take the list of cons compared to pros as an insult, I clearly focused on one more than the other.


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    Nice map! It's hellofalot of fun to play, but the same brown color gets boring pretty fast. The fog is nice, and the secret places and stuff is a nice bonus to the gameplay. Overall, a dang good map that has deserved way too little attention.


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    Thanks for the reply, ill try edit the textures. avatar
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    U need moar colours! but it looks very nice!
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    10, love it! Its so sick, cant wait for more releases


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