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Easy map, with a new look

This map ios based on the idea of fy_iceworld. I make the map smoothy and a little bit "different". I hope the skybox will work, cause I used one from Karatekaefer, which I download from here. If the Skybox shouldn't work, pls let me know and maybe give me a tip ^^ So, have fun. Haze [GER]



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    Looks cold :P
    i am the last of the scatmen
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    Overall, a decent map. I do have some gripes about it, mainly it is a remake of Iceworld, but also be cause it used Dev textures.

    The gameplay is pretty standard, being perfectly symmetrical and being based on Iceworld, it is a tried and tested layout that has stood the most rigorous play testing which has made it the most successful layout for a map.

    Which brings me onto why I dislike the layout, it has been done before, I have seen it all before and I am tired of it, granted you have mixed it up a little bit, but it is still repetitive. This map could have been so much more with an original layout.

    Moving to the texturing, you have used good old dev textures, but have actually used them quite well. It is rare to see a map which uses them in a new and interesting way and it is a nice break to see that.

    The skybox is good, high marks, there isn't really much else you could do there and fits in with the map well. You could add some buildings or perhaps something that moves in the skybox (a plane perhaps) to make it more interesting.

    Lighting wise, it is basic, but works, there are no light sources for the indoor areas though and I would like to see something there to emit the light.

    Overall, a good example of how to use dev textures well, I would like to see an original layout though, not just a variation on something old. Good work and keep it up.


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    Will map for food.
  • 9y
    [+] Scope avatar
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    Missing skybox ...
  • 9y
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    This map is a somewhat different remake of iceworld compared to most I see, normally I don't like to comment on remakes, but this one really caught my eye.

    I love the way you used the neglected dev textures to make your map somewhat original. The idea of using the different toned single-colored dev textures as gradient walls is simply brilliant. What especially makes this map better is you used rounded corners, I despise blocky maps.

    An extremely horrible thing about iceworld and all it's remake is, the whole map is symmetrical.

    Symmetrical maps lead to EXTREMELY repetitive gameplay, and that can ruin a map. After 5 rounds of playing this map I get bored of playing it, it's the unfortunate truth seeing as how wonderful of a remake it is.

    I like how instead of just making it so right out of spawn you can go into the blocks like buildings you made the entrances up a ladder in the side, it's just a small thing that I find really interesting and unique.

    I think the sides could use more cover, all you have outside of the buildings is stacks of blocks, and to make it worse, they looks perfectly stacked, try to make them all separate brushes and rotate them for a less fake look.

    The skybox is rather simple, but awesome. I think it may be too bright for the map though, unless you increased the overall brightness of it. :P

    As greyfrog said, it'd also be alot nicer if you had light sources, so that there isn't just random spots on the roof. (To do so just put a prop_static on the roof and click 'World Model' Then 'Browse' and filter light. You should see some come up under 'Props')

    You have no clue how much nicer a map looks with actual light fixtures and not just random floaties.

    Nice work on this re-make, but it'd be cooler if you used your mapping abilities to create your own ideas, you have amazing potential.


    Bananite avatar
  • 9y
    Greyfrog_Design avatar
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    Could have added light sources.

    But overall a nice remake of the traditional iceworld layout.


    Prefab Moderator - SauceMan avatar
    Prefab Moderator - SauceMan
  • 9y
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    It is a small aim world? Strange.


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