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Pretty much an FY map made of dev textures with a bombsite. The secret code for the Super secret room is 0419. Keep it to yourself, share it, whatever. There's a tele to the sniper box in there, that cant be seen outside, but you can see out and snipe people. If you get the code wrong, then you go to jail. There's an escape button, that will tele you out after 15 seconds. The buttons on the towers will destroy the spawn kill protect glass after 30 seconds of being pressed. Enjoy!



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    Well this is my first map, glad you liked it in any way though :) I will be doing more work with it.
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    This seems like a very fun map!

    I really like how you added more to the gameplay than just kill as many people as possible before the round ends. It adds a new level of play to game. The secret rooms, and player kills are a really cool idea.

    Here are a few things you can do to improve the map:

    1. Add ligthing. It will make your map look a lot better and it will fix some bug areas (under the platforms where its all black) If you dont know how to add lighting, just drop me a PM.

    2. Fix up the brush (block) allignment. Some of the brushes (blocks) in the map arent alligned with each other. You can see that parts of the middle wall done meet up with each other. You can also see this along the wall with the secret door. This is pretty each to fix, all you have to do is make the grid size a lot smaller, its either [ or ] I dont remember.

    3. Make everything less blocky. It would be cool to see something more than rectangular blocks in a map. You should try rounding some things out.

    4. Use more textures. Dev (developer) textures are easy to use, but are kind of boring to look at. You should try experimenting with other kind of textures, and see if you can get some that really fit with the map.

    Hope this helped!


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