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A Map for Team Fortress 2

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A well detailed, well balanced, mid-size CTF map.

CTF_SECRETLAB_B2 version: 0.2.1 status: In testing! Author: Ze Inspector Gametype: Capture the Flag Two battling Bio-tech companies are in a race to develop a secret formula to boost the performance of their army. Yes, of course they are located in the same industrial park. As things get down to the wire and each team has critical information that the other lacks, the scientists head for the hills and the soldiers get in formation. Who will get the formula first! Beta2 Changes: 1. Added a new tunnel between the two bases. You must run outside and head into the maintence buildings on the right. This path takes a little longer but is safe from sniper fire. 2. Added a lot more cover and two new structures in the outside area. This was done to cut down on the immense feel of the middle of the map as well as provide another way for scouts to get from base to base. 3. Pulled trains out a little. Letting people run behind them rather than having dead ends at either end of the train tracks. 4. General optimization. This is the reason this release has taken so long. I spent many weeks tweaking the vis leafs to get a smoother running experience. 5. Relocated the intelligence. In the same room, but now it's in the little hut on the ground floor. 6. Added more health and ammo. 7. Graphical tweaks. Some minor brushwork, added bumpers to some corners and steps. Cleaned up some areas etc. Notes: This is a straight up capture the flag, medium in size (though some think its large due to size of the outdoor area). This is my first released map so there was a lot of learning through the process. My goal, aside from learning the hammer editor, was to develop a CTF map that both looked good and played well. I put a lot of thought into the layout and tried to provide each class with elements that would suit their needs and make the game fun for everyone. There are sniper ramparts, nooks for sentries, special paths for scouts, corners and switchbacks for pyros and spies, and plenty of ledges and battlements to sticky and rocket jump to. It should support up to 12v12 games and maybe beyond. Lastly, this is the second beta release for this map so I want your feedback! Let me know if you have any ideas to improve gameplay, or find any glitches that need to be repaired. I need your input to make this map the best it can be, look me up on steam: Ze Inspector.


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    Pros: Looks amazing. Great detail. Cons: One word: ctf_well. People hate ctf_well and your map has a very similar layout (middle area with trains, base with battlements and then the intial point area where the intel is). Unfortunately, people hate maps that are ctf and huge. Improvements: None really. Looks really good. I did notice that in the blu base next to the intel room - the glass with the blue reflection - one panel doesn't reflect like the others. It's fine in the red base - but not in the blu base. avatar
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Ze Inspector


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Ze Inspector
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