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After whining in the forums about other maps for countless months, I've decided that it's finally time to release one of my own. So here you guys go. It's a standard Siege map, nothing special. Like some other Siege maps, the offense is fragmented and spawns at multiple bases. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage, for while the attackers will have a harder time coodinating rushes, the defense will have to contend with being attacked from all directions simultaneously. The generators, hidden underground in their bunkers, can only be taken down by carefully lobbing grenades, mortars, or satchels through the windows. As hard as they are to destroy, though, they are even harder to defend, as the generator rooms are cramped and any defenders inside will be quickly overwhelmed. Once the North and South or East and West generators are destroyed, the switch will be exposed. Offensive Strategy: Take advantage of the multiple offensive bases by synchronizing attacks in order to secure a quick win. The defense's stations are outdoors, but don't waste time taking them down as there is a repair pack several meters away. Concentrate on holding a pair of generators down until someone can reach the switch. Defensive Strategy: Don't hole up in the generator bunkers as even a Juggernaut with shields can't expect to survive the pounding the generators are sure to recieve. Instead, focus on killing the attackers outside before they reach the hilltop. In the event that a forcefield goes down, be careful that no attacker manages to slip through before it goes back up; the forcefields are no-team-pass (blue) and if one of the offensive players gets inside the switch base, the only way to get him out will be to teamkill a generator (be sure to destroy the right one!). This map features some custom bunkers I made. They're simple but functional, and they don't look half bad. Now go ahead and pick away, and don't hesitate to tell me about any problems with the map, so I can correct them promptly. Thanks in advance.



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