A Map for Tribes 2

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The clap of thunder and a flash of lightening, for those of us from the lush worlds this is a sign of the rains to come. On Austere5 this is not the case, the hollow promise brought by the thunder occurs daily and is only a promise of flesh searing hot winds, flying bits of charred earth, waves of molten lava, and thoughts on a rain that will never come. I arrived on Austere5 three weeks ago and upon landing wondered why we would wish to take such a place, now I simply wonder why anyone would wish to keep it. The current occupants seem to share a different view; they fight us at every corner attacking during the storms with a relentless fury equaled on by the storm itself. My tour is almost over here and I leave this to you the new comer to Austere5, a simple warning: Do not attempt to take Austere5 simply attempt to keep it from taking you. Mission Info: Austere5 uses the interiors from Dynamix’s Trident and a slightly modified firestorm terrain. The flat plateaus, sheer cliffs, broad valleys, and rivers of lava make for interesting and fun gameplay. The Offense has the advantage of a vehicle station while the defense has the advantage of location. At first glance only the flying vehicles seem to be of any use but the grav cycle and tank are both useful if hard to get down from the plateau. The MPB may well be useless except for an addition to defenses at the rear of the offense base (let me know if you manage to get it down). The bases are around 1300 meters apart. The BaseFF generator located at the front of the defense fortress kills all forcefields except for the switch forcefields. The defense generator (controls turrets and sensors) and equipment generator (controls inventories) are both accessible from the back door without taking out the BaseFF generator. The Switch FF generator is located in the same location as the one in Trident and is a non-repairable generator that controls the switch forcefields. The switch is located in the tower about 200 meters from the fortress and is only protected by the forcefields.



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