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A Map for Team Fortress 2

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Bonjour à tous ! Voila ma première map, "ctf_barn". La carte mes en scène 2 fermes qui sont constitué de plusieurs bâtiments (grange). Il y à plusieurs chemins (3) pour accéder au document ( sous sol ) L'ambiance de tf2 est plutôt bien réussie. Je vous propose de regarder cette vidéo pour mieux vous rendre compte: Hello everyone! this's my first map, "ctf_barn." The map directing 2 farms, which are made up of several buildings (barn). There are several paths (3) to access the document (basement) The atmosphere is pretty well tf2 successful. I invite you to watch this video:

Ctf barn
envoyé par yotho01



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  • VincentS avatar
    VincentS Joined 6y ago
    access_time 6y
    If you allow me, I will take the challenge and optimize this map. Less open space (but a bit bigger), using all areas, more entries to the intel (the water well is inaccessible with the roof on it), more optimization (area portals, hint and skip textures for better frame rates), better skybox, etc. Don't take this as 'all the things he said are bad'. I want to take a take at the map and make it better.
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  • sole21000 avatar
    sole21000 Joined 12y ago
    2,984 points Ranked 19732nd
    access_time 10y
    Ambience: Very nice looking, not too dull even though it's another desert map. Design: Obviously meant for small teams, it works well in less then 14 player environments. Gameplay: Flows well when less then 14 players on server, gameplay is fairly balanced for all classes, though somewhat engi friendly (it's ctf though so that's forgivable). Looks: Again, very nice. Perhaps on alpine remix of the map would be fun? =)
    Does not blend
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  • Anonymous
    access_time 11y
    Pros: looks okay Cons: none Improvements: more hiding places, less open space
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  • Wossname avatar
    Wossname Joined 11y ago
    13,822 points Ranked 405th
    access_time 11y
    Pros: Good map for small teams of all classes. Cons: Some dead ends and unused spaces. Narrow corridors questionable. Also, the texture on the BLU truck doesn't look right and BLU's building style is too close to RED's. Improvements: Reduce dead areas of map. Widening corridors near intel would be nice. Notes: This is in my server's rotation -- we've been looking for quality small maps during off-peak hours.
      Plays a medic on TV. avatar
      Plays a medic on TV.
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  • Hudsonspike avatar
    Hudsonspike Joined 11y ago
    138 points Ranked 61552nd
    access_time 11y
    Pros: very nice Cons: * Improvements: * Notes: *
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  • Kilitchikou avatar
    Kilitchikou Joined 11y ago
    1,051 points Ranked 24287th
    access_time 11y
    Elle est trop bien ta map ! dans l'ambiance de tf2 et jolie graphiquement brao !!!
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  • Varadero avatar
    Varadero Joined 12y ago
    1,308 points Ranked 22401st
    access_time 11y
    Ambience: 100% TF2 ambience. Design: Really well designed: nice and well balanced layout. Gameplay: Well, it's balanced and there are 3 paths, so, it's good. Looks: Looks nice, with nice realistic outdoor and indoor parts.
    Bananed avatar
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  • TasterBee avatar
    TasterBee Joined 12y ago
    access_time 11y
    Pros: very nice detail/brushwork looks like a valve map :D Cons: shame its ctf, ctf isnt bad but a cp map always works best, maybe something for you to think about Improvements: make a cp version 0_o Notes: read through twice :D
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  • Swiss Army Knife avatar
    Swiss Army Knife Joined 12y ago
    191 points Ranked 56388th
    access_time 11y
    There's some really good brushwork here, the buildings are interesting and believable. Like Chicky said though, it does have some odd dead ends that interrupt the flow of the map. Other than that it's a great looking map.
    Can opener included.
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  • AI|Chicky avatar
    AI|Chicky Joined 15y ago
    37,209 points Ranked 116th
    access_time 11y
    Pros: I have to admit, I almost didn't download this map because the screenshots just weren't very inviting. BUT.... surprisingly, this map is fairly decent. Cons: There's a lot of dead ends. Like... run into some barn thinking you'll get to the intel and.... nope, it's a dead end. And what's with that water area inside the well thingie? Improvements: More direction to the intel. Less deadends. Notes: Good work! I'll give it a go on my server. avatar
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Yotho Joined 12y ago
158 points Ranked 59258th
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