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A Map for Team Fortress 2

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Two branches of a secret laboratory battle for project funding.

CP_SCIENCE2! (cp_science2) Gametype: Control Points (linear) Author: Mark "Shmitz" Major E-mail: Version: 2.0.0 VERSION 2 NOTE: In this version, the bases have been flipped and then rotated 90 degrees. If you are familiar with the layout of the previous version, you may find yourself a little disoriented coming out of your initial spawn. However, this adjustment promotes movement from the base point to the second point, providing much more action around the power transform areas than in the previous version. Letters have also been added to the points to aid in identifying them in voice communication. These changes should help keep the more directionally challenged players from spending the entire round wandering around the middle point. In addition to this improvement to gameplay, there have been a few bug/exploit fixes and a few cosmetic improvements. See revision history below for details. Notes: CP Order is Blue Laser, Blue Power, Catalyzer, Red Power, Red Laser, but the layout is not strictly linear! It is not enough to just push to the next point, you must also actively defend your current one. When in doubt, follow the blinking arrows, and pay attention to the cap point icons. You should be able to find similar icons in your area to tell you if you're in the right place, or what direction you need to be going. Cap Times (roughly): Lasing Chambers: 12s x1, 8s x2, 6s x3 Power Transforms: 30s x1, 20s x2, 15s x3 Catalyzer: 40s x1, 27s x2, 20s x3 ___________________________________ Revision History Version 2 FINAL * Added detail to the scanner room. * Fixed an exploit where a demoman could get above player clips. * Added three more spawns to the primary forward spawn rooms. Version 2 BETA 3 * Fixed misaligned textures. * Added more signs. * Spawns in main base should point players in a more helpful direction to their current goal. * Added a little bit more detail. Version 2 BETA 2 * Replaced lasers with models. * Fixed door filters and respawnroom visualizers. * Added more signs. * Added stairs and an overhang to the base side entrance. Version 2 BETA 1 * Rotated bases 90 degrees, to more naturally direct players in the direction of the second point rather than the middle point. * Added letters to the points to assist in voice communication. * Fixed the problem with doors getting stuck closed until people back away (hopefully). * Fixed the unfortunate omission of the soundscript definitions in 1.0.



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  • n1ghtm4r avatar
    n1ghtm4r Joined 12y ago
    access_time 11y
    My friends and me have a lot of fun playing on this map 6v6.
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  • lordroy avatar
    lordroy Joined 12y ago
    212 points Ranked 54880th
    access_time 11y
    I loved this map when it was just science... this is good too!
    Old Phucker
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  • Lim-Dul avatar
    Lim-Dul Joined 11y ago
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    access_time 11y
    Seriously - if you don't get this map then your orientation skills are simply... lacking... I mean - cp_science had great directions already but this takes it to a whole new level. The only thing Shmitz might have done to make it easier to get to the next point is glue the players to some kind of conveyor belt. The problem, in my opinion, is not the layout itself but the fact that the map is like a new gameplay mode without a clear front-line that sways back and forth (ironically very much like ccp_circlejerk - at least when it comes to the central points). No matter how many CPs you capture the enemy can get everywhere pretty quickly. I ran this map on a special Custom Map Weekend on one of my community's servers and it was rated quite low initially but then players adapted and it got a boost in scores. Indeed, voice communication helps a lot but if you simply pay attention to the HUGE freakin' arrows you simply CAN'T get lost unless you're retarded (I mean that quite literally). This map not only looks very good and is original but also is, hands down, the best scripted piece of map-making I've ever seen. Every trick has been used on it: dynamically changing tc_hydro-style arrows, dynamically changing "control point ->" signs, custom CP symbols, dynamically changing spawns and unlocking doors, even a dynamic overview map in the spawn (maybe you should add more of these, Schmitz? ^^)... You, sir, are my hero and I'll gladly help with testing any new projects since we have a 24/7 Custom Map Server now (with cp_science2 on it, of course). P.S. In my opinion the "laser effect" looks a bit cheap (with no apparent lighting and stuff), almost as if taken from HL1. I'd really rather if the energy was flowing in a constant stream (a straight line), perhaps with a hint of particle effects... As you can see I have to struggle to find something that could be improved on this map. ;-)
    The Necromancer
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  • Vilepickle avatar
    Vilepickle Joined 12y ago
    5,413 points Ranked 1198th
    access_time 11y
    Pretty dumb this is rated so low...
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  • anabolic avatar
    anabolic Joined 11y ago
    access_time 11y
    This is a beautiful map. I love how it's really very compact but still has a lot of variety. I've seen some great battles around the middle point. But... there's a problem... Like the original version, Science2, works very well when the players know the map. But what I often see on public servers is a core of 3 or 4 regular players who know their way around OK, while the rest of the team run around like headless chickens in the dead areas of the map. So a 12 vs 12 turns into a ragged 4 vs 4 with random interruptions from confused wanderers. Sad to say, but this great map can actually be a bit of a server emptier if team communication isn't excellent. I think people get lost repeatedly, can't find their way back to the cap point, get killed in a random encounter and just quit in frustration. I can see the designer has made a great effort to improve this aspect - the directional signs are some of the best I've seen. But for the average pub n00b, it still isn't enough. Even I still get a bit lost, though I've played this map 30 or 40 times. Something I still find confusing is rushing out the wrong door of the spawn (especially the forward spawn), and instantly finding myself lost and apparently miles from the battle. It's extremely frustrating to lose a point because of this. I'm posting this because I just quit a science2 map after ten minutes of play for a combination of the above reasons - the server went from 24 players down to about 15 by that time. To be honest, I'd say it's becoming more and more common for me to quit Science2 before the round ends. Sorry to give such negative feedback on a map that's obviously had such care and attention lavished on it by the designer.
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  • katous avatar
    katous Joined 11y ago
    3,000 points Ranked 9014th
    access_time 11y
    Pros: one of my all time favorite TF2 maps Cons: none Improvements: more people need to play this and stop whining about it being confusing, your missing out!!!! Notes: magnificent !!!
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  • Snipergen avatar
    Snipergen Joined 13y ago
    2,171 points Ranked 20467th
    access_time 11y
    Good stuff like expected, only dislike the middle cp =)
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  • Blackjackjulian avatar
    Blackjackjulian Joined 11y ago
    2,856 points Ranked 19823rd
    access_time 11y
    Pros: Improved visual style, easier to navigate. Good stuff. A good map to begin with. Cons: Rotation is a bit confusing... but that's my problem, not yours. It'll be better in the end. Notes: I'm sure it's better for n00bs, who we had to take by the hand from CP to CP.
    Map Surveyor: I Run TF2 Maps avatar
    Map Surveyor: I Run TF2 Maps
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  • t0rk3y avatar
    t0rk3y Joined 12y ago
    570 points Ranked 44234th
    access_time 11y
    Hey Shmitz, nice looking map, love the look of it, very original and great. Glad you released the final version. Not really much to improve now. Love the new design (version 2) and it is really fun to play on a full server. Lots of detail put into this map. Team play is pretty good since the cap points take SO LONG to capture by yourself. Overall 8.3/10. Keep it up, looking forward to your next map(s)
    Torque'n you out avatar
    Torque'n you out
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