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A Map for Team Fortress 2

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To win each team must own all five Control Points.

REDSTONE BETA 2 Level Design / Custom Models: - Arttu "skdr" Mäki / Custom Models / 2D Art: - Pekka Jauri / Changes: - Timer set to 10 minutes - Small fixes and tweaks - Prop model fixes - New route to 3rd and 4th Control Point in both sides. - - Helps balance captures in the last two control points. - Center area cleaned from sticky spots - Added more light sources to center sniper-windows - Re-arranged health and ammo supplies



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    access_time 11y
    Pros: I downloaded this map a day ago, and thought this would be a refreshing look at TF2, and I was wrong, your map has so much potential, I'm surprised at what you've done here with it. I look forward to a better map in B3, that is if you plan to make the map. Cons: Snipers: I'm sorry to say this, but if you like CTF_2fort, then this is your "sniper alley." Cause I saw several areas that could be used for a sniper and engineer, I was disappointed that there's another "invisible barrier" and a no walk/build zone to it. There's a platform on the rocket's side that a sniper could use, but you can't get up there, it's essentially a straight line map, no individuality. Soldiers and Demo-Men: This was a huge disappointment for them, you can't rocket jump building to building or sticky jump to a high point where you can watch over the point. Spies: Barely any decent flank/hiding areas for a spy, there are areas where he should be able to, but he can't. Improvements: Give snipers and demo-man more abilities than the basic, cause a lot of players look for the advantage, this map, you might as well disconnect cause there's nothing here but good lucks and scenery. The railings could be used more also. Notes: To sum it up, this map has potential, but it's all dependent on the map maker, Some maps have it and some don't. Also some working ladders would be beneficial here, imagine the potential, when a sniper can find a high point and use it, without worrying about others trying to take it. I look forward to B3, hopefully it will be more enjoyable, after all, that's what a game is supposed to be about, fun.
    "War were declared."
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  • kankle king M.D. avatar
    kankle king M.D. Joined 11y ago
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    Pros: Great 8v8 or Highlander map. Onee of my new favs. Very balanced and detailed, could easily be passed as a Valve map. Cons: Take too long to get from spawn to middle point. (with solly hurting himself you can charge full kritz) Thats not really bad, more of an observation I guess
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  • lvlorpheus avatar
    lvlorpheus Joined 12y ago
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    Great map, seems a little too big the first couple times. Detail and looks are just right. Good work!
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    Fearlezz Joined 12y ago
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    Godlike, just godlike!
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    Mappin' for life
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  • crazychicken avatar
    crazychicken Joined 14y ago
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    B1 was too big b2 crashes my server
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  • Zalaxy avatar
    Zalaxy Joined 12y ago
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    Played it on our server over 3 times in one night. Very Very fun map for 24 players. Around 8-24 is my recommended player count. I love the map alot. Not much to complain! Except the top of the map with the bridge going across the middle point. The bridge looks weird on how it fell apart.
    Cogito Ergo Sum
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  • Ryan avatar
    Ryan Joined 13y ago
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    Improvements: Really good work Notes: I like it
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  • Brainsample avatar
    Brainsample Joined 12y ago
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    access_time 12y
    Great map, just played on it. One thing though, the map is very big making getting back to caps difficult. There were a lot of stalemates. Having the re-spawn move closer after each cap, even if its only a little, like in well, would help. It could also just be that this is a new map and we need to find how to best play on it. Otherwise fantastic job, I like all the little side areas.
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  • Enraged avatar
    Enraged Joined 13y ago
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    Incredible work mate! Just absolutely incredible!
    All Your Base Are Belong To Us avatar
    All Your Base Are Belong To Us
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    Logan Dougall
    Half Life Storm Flag
    Half Life Storm
    access_time 12y
    Custom models always a plus. Really nice work here. I don't have the time atm to do a run through of the map so I'll save the assesment till when I do later.
    Structural Designer / Dad :)
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Key Authors
Arttu "skdr" Mäki
Pekka Jauri


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