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A big aim map made by me. There is a great glass box in front of the map...the T-s spawn in the box the CT-s spawn outside. There are 1more level under the first one where you can cross from side to side. (sry 4 bad english). download it, try it, have fun, and if u liked it or find bugs pls let me know it. by S4s



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    Well, it really looks much better than the previous 2 maps!
    Keep it up!
  • 10y
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    It would seem that the Ts are at a significant disadvantage on the map. You might help them out a bit by getting rid of the crenelation around the roof wall.

    The design of the underground area is something you may want to simplify. Already it feels too large, despite the fact that the box above-ground feels a bit too small. Between getting shot in the legs through the glass floor and getting attacked from both sides, the T side seems to be at a disadvantage here. My advice here would be to eliminate the lowest level, and restructure the underground to have each of the four ladder rooms lead directly into a central room, then add a combination of low walls (about 56), corners, and crates to make it reasonably defensible by the Ts. This should make the area seem to be smaller without actually changing the size, by forcing players from all four corners to travel through the center, and hopefully reduce the amount of time that a few players would wander the map without finding each other after everyone else is dead.

    One of your awnings seems to be upside-down.

    The glass floor has less friction than a normal floor, which will make this area annoying.

    One of the boxes sunk into the ground is impossible to get out from behind if you fall in there.

    All of the glass in the level is unbreakable, except the windows underground. If you're going to have a mix of breakable and unbreakable glass, it'd be best to use a security glass texture on the unbreakable glass. Also, you might want to change the breakable glass to func_breakablesurf.

    The ground could be turned into displacements. This would let you put a little noise into it, and to add a lot of variety by using a blend texture and using alpha blending.

    A player can climb up onto the wall around the outside of the level. This is not a problem if you want it for gameplay purposes, but it does create a greater need to put a 3D skybox around the map. If you do want to block players from getting up here, you can simply put a wall of playerclip above the regular wall.

    You should add a level overview.

    You should try to add more T spawns if you can. Four more would be good to at least match the CT spawns.
  • 10y
    mookie gc avatar
    mookie gc Offline
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    The first thing you need to do here is fix up the brushwork so that the map doesn't leak. In many places in the basement you have walls that don't go all the way to the ceiling; you probably have something similar going on with your skybox brushes. Fixing this up will let you get radiosity (eliminates many pitch black faces), split up the faces on ceilings around walls (where you have light bleeding through from one side to another), and most importantly let VVIS run (making the map run better for players).

    The next thing you'll want to do is redo the lighting, specifically the above-ground area. You've lit the whole thing with light entities, which takes a lot more work and gives a weird, inconsistent effect to the map. Try getting rid of all the above-ground light entities, and placing a single light_environment entity in the map. This will make tools/toolsskybox cast light on the entire level.

    To shore up the appearance the interior lights, the biggest thing you need to do is place some props (prop_static) of things like cagelights or floodlights. For cagelights all you'd have to do is place your light entity a short way (abot 16) off the wall, but for spotlights you'd want to add a light_spot as well.

    Your texture selection, I think, is really off. The ground and walls outside work, but they're about the only ones that do. The wall texture doesn't quite tile, and if you could find a similar one that does it'd be better.

    Using the same wall textures underground doesn't really work; the walls would really need some kind of trim or something for them to be plausible here. You'd probably be much better off with a smooth, featureless concrete wall texture throughout the basement. The metal floors in the basement don't seem to work either. I don't know if you'd do best with a different metal texture or a concrete floor texture. On the lowest level, you definitely want to use a different texture on the walls from the floor. The ceiling here works, but you'll have to make sure that it still fits in well if you change the walls and floors. Not very many players will look at the ceilings, so they just need to fit with the walls.

    If you do go with concrete underground, a strip of hazard striping around the base of walls may help define the brushwork.

    The rusted metal above-ground doesn't work for two reasons. First, the texture doesn't tile, leaving visible seams that make it look bad. Second, the walls are far too thick for metal walls. If you want to keep them metal, you'll want to make them very thin (about 4), retexture them as sheet metal of some sort, and add some brushwork supports on one side. IMO you'd do best to re-use the same wall texture used outside the box.

    In your center structure, the four corners are taking up a lot of space. If you'd change their thickness to match the other walls, it'd be much easier to walk around in here. One of the walls is a different thickness from the others as well. It's not apparent walking around at ground-level, but it looks weird once you get onto the roof.

    You can also fill in each of the doorways with a new brush, then move up the bottom of those brushes to open the doorways back up. This would make the doorways much more realistic. If you look at real doorways, they never go floor-to-ceiling, because there is usually a support beam running over the doorjamb to carry the weight of the floor above.

    The walls of the box aren't all the same height, and they don't join up nicely. All you need to do is first make all four the same height, then make sure each one overlaps the others next to it, then clip off each corner at a 45 degree angle. To make it even a little cleaner, apply tools/toolsnodraw to the whole thing, then put a glass texture only on the two faces.

    The 'ladders' are really lacking. What you need to do is either make a custom material (rope netting or some sort of climbing bars), or use a ladder prop and redo the ladder shafts around it. I'd suggest the latter which would be probably easier and better.

    Vertically, the map is much larger than it should be, specifically the space between the above-ground and underground areas. There seem to be about three stories of dead space here that do nothing but make it take a long time to use the ladders. My advice would be to choose the ladder prop that you like the best, then changing the distance between the levels to fit.

    The ceiling (skybox) above the map is plainly too low. A good rule is to make the ceiling 1024 above the highest place you can stand. This should make it very difficult for any grenades to hit the ceiling.


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