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A Map for Team Fortress 2

The wall has been breached, and the military authority of BLU must combat the revolutionary anger of RED.

CTF_REVOLUTION (ctf_revolution) Gametype: Capture the Flag Players: 24-32 Author: Mark "Shmitz" Major E-mail: Version: 1.0.0 NOTES: This is a capture the flag map meant to provide 32 players the same amount of flow and strategy as a smaller map provides 24 players. My purpose was to provide interesting teamplay for a larger number of players. If you like 32 player servers for nonstop carnage and chaos, you probably will prefer other, smaller maps, but if you like teamwork and tactics, I don't think you will be disappointed. TIMER: This map does not use a map-based round timer, but as with Valve CTF maps, it uses the server's map time limit to determine when to change maps. ___________________________________ Revision History FINAL 1.0 * Fixed doors getting stuck sometimes. * Added a little bit of detail to the lower spawn exit area. * Minor optimizations. BETA 6 * Changed name from ctf_wall to ctf_revolution * Added a trash chute near the intelligence to allow the option of a quicker exit from the base building. Soldiers and demomen also can potentially enter through this chute. * Increased the speed of spawn doors, and tweaked them so they wouldn't get stuck. * Clipped a few more things that players could get stuck on. * Added/tweaked a few more bits of detail. * Added a couple more health kits. BETA 5 * Removed street path and blocked off wall lobby. There are now only two ways to get through the wall: the upper bridge path or the hole. * Restructured the inside of the lower spawn building. Removed the stairs that were there. Now the second exit doesn't go off to the side, but up to the sniper roost and to a bridge that allows quick access to the upper path. BETA 4 * FIXED: Map now will correctly end when the server map timer expires. * Removed main base "battlements". Widened and detailed the back hall behind the intelligence room. * The middle entrance that previously led down to the basement now instead leads up to the top floor hallway. * Adjusted a number of areas to remove falling damage from stepping off a ledge. * More detailing. BETA 3 * Completely moved one of the spawn rooms to the buildings closest to the street. They exit both to the same alley as before (just from the opposite side) and into the lower chamber of the base. This makes the street path a lot more viable, makes the intelligence room a little less defendable, and makes the upper path less an exit and more an entrance. * Added lane dividing columns in the street tunnel, and added a shortcut for scouts/demomen/soldiers. * The ups and downs of the wall inside area are now a lot more straightforward. * Added Buckets O' Detail. * Added skybox. * Clipped off just about everything to prevent a) getting stuck and b) demomen/soldiers from getting to off-limits areas. Please let me know if you find anything that still needs to be clipped. BETA 2 * Tightened up the streets and a few other spaces. * Reduced some of the path interconnections. The presence of too many options was contributing to lack of team cohesion for uncoordinated teams (most public servers). Removing a few of the ways to jump from one path to another will focus players a bit more and encourage teamwork. * Added more signs and indicators. * Moved street entrance to the side and up a level, making the street path more attractive. * Added some more detail work, though I'm holding off on most of the finer details until after the layout is finalized. * Other miscellaneous tweaks and optimizations. BETA 1 First public release.



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    Pros: Atmospheric, tall, imposing buildings hang over you. The blown-out wall looks cool. Attempting to increase the teamwork required for a capture is admirable, and rooftop battles are something we don't see enough of in TF2 - but should. Cons: It's a bit too over-sized, almost as if Shmitz got a bit ahead of himself in terms of theme... and then scrambled to make it work functionally without having to perform a massive rescale. Team focus was also not organically enforced as I had hoped it would be since the flag run is essentially a straight shot right out of respawn - a couple of explosive jumps and you're right in front of the enemy's flagroom entrance. Theoretically, you *could* take other routes... but doing so would be 2x to 3x longer. All paths also bring you to the same front area of the flag room, and results in everyone congregating there. At this point all strategy flies out the window and it becomes a team deathmatch for 'control' of the flagroom - when it should be an "in and out" operation. Improvements: I do think this map could be great, but instead of beating a dead horse, I think Shmitz should go 'back to formula' and release something similar, but completely new, using what he's learned during the process of creating Revolution. Not too much fun on a general pub server, this can be fixed by making routes a bit more varied in size and not so wide. Too many wide-open areas with no walls and very little protection are equally as crippling to a map's functionality as being too small and cramped. Notes: Flaws aside, I find myself hopping into it on occasion. I love climbing buildings, walking catwalks and scaffolds, and fighting on rooftops. Maybe, Shmitz can focus a future release on a rooftop theme, with the streets below being eye candy and inaccessible. On a general pub server, I've witnessed players getting lost and surrendering to the impulse of simply running around deathmatch style, ignoring the objectives, and it's the duty of a mapmaker to provide clear, distinct paths that direct the players to their main objective.


    Developer / Map Critic
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    katous Joined 10y ago
    Pros: this map works, it's functional, polished Cons: it's bland and boring, forgettable. Improvements: naked chicks..... really, nothing else will help it, go for what works when all else fails Notes: not your best by any means, if "cp_science" wasn't so awesome, this map wouldn't look so bad comparatively.


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    Evil_Toaster avatar
    Evil_Toaster Joined 10y ago
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    Design: I'd like there to be a way for one to get to the other team's base without having to be exposed to the snipers in that little room. Looks: Too much concrete for my tastes.


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    AI|Chicky Joined 14y ago
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    This map looks a lot like cp_wall.... Wasn't that impressed with that map either. avatar
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    Great map, good job


    Nice Cave
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    Looks really great. I love that last screen. It really looks godlike. Nice work.


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    Mapping Imp
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    MangyCarface Joined 10y ago
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    Pros: Beautiful, novel, well optimized with plenty of places for all classes to excel in. Cons: I haven't played it with anyone besides myself... :c

    10 Moderator
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    Great layout, this map is really fun to play.


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    Paria Joined 10y ago
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    Its a nice map, its been a long time since beta 6 :), but once people learn the layout its a nice ctf map, i've played it several times on a 24 man server and once people suss the layout it produces some nice games, looking at your other releases its clear to see just how much better your maps are getting with each release, although judging this on its own merit its a great map.




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