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A Map for Pirates Vikings and Knights II

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Te Templepit Version 2 - Territory mode

_____________________ te_templepit Territory mode _____________________ Credits Map made by: Olof Moleman AKA Lord Trilobite Map testing: VEH Alcázar Special Thanks: to Veon for his support. ----------------------------------- Version history Version 2 (current version) - made compatible with 2.3 - improved performance - tweaked visuals Version 1 - added viking ammo - added loads more eye-candy and detail - added a spike-trap - fixed lots of problems and bugs - improved performance Beta 4 - added more spawn entities so you don't spawn in the middle of the map when to many players are on your team. - added alternate exits from the spawn rooms to prevent blocking. - added one way doors to the spawn room exits to prevent enemy spawn camping. - added loads more detail to the map (doorway trims, more tombs, some particle effects, etc.) - added more item pickups - added one more secret room - improved performance Beta 3 - fixed leaking - made the ramp at the top room of the Territory - added lots more detail to the map - added more armour pickups - added two secret rooms Beta 2 - Made lava deadly - fixed cubemaps -----------------------------------


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    Balance: fairly balanced, but once a team is up, its very hard to get them down again. Design: temple style... nothing too original, but still fitting the game and the map. Gameplay: Not really my taste, it's always running up and eventually getting your ass kicked by someone who is blocking the only way up... also, in public servers most people will just fight down on the ground, since the teams get to each other very early. Looks: Has some really nice eye-candy in it. The lighting is also good, but has very little contrast. Realism: Honestly I don't know why realism should say anything about the maps quality, also I havent seen any templepits in reality so far, so my opinion/rating about that is kinda worthless. I took the value that would least change the overall "score".
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    Really great work. Why don't you ask if you can try doing a default map. You can ask on their forums.
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Development Info

This was the very first map I've made in Hammer, as I continued to work on it and improving it, it eventually came to this.


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