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rj rocketeer

A Map for Team Fortress 2

Rocket Jump, traditional

Rocket Jump - Rocketeer Author: John "CowNaetion" Petricini Website: AIM: CowNaetion Version: TF2 Difficulty: Easy This map was originally made for Fortress Forever. I converted it to TF2 cause it works as well. If you like this, try Fortress Forever at It's a free mod that follows after Team Fortress Classic (TFC). A no 'grenades' map, difficulty ranging from easy to a few intermediate jumps at the end. Map is big enough to accomodate four players simultaneously so there is no waiting in line. Nice aesthetic theme kept through the map so it's easy on the eyes. Great map for beginners. If this map gets enough play, I'll consider making an advanced one since there will be interest. Thanks! AIM: CowNaetion ICQ: 13765693 MSN: Y!: murderball_inc URL:


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  • Pearlsea avatar
    Pearlsea Joined 12y ago
    Pros: Good for beginners Cons: Some of the air turn jumps are redundant.
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  • cownaetion avatar
    cownaetion Joined 13y ago
    393 points Ranked 49,410th
    A capture point will never happen. The water is really easy, just stop using the jump button like everyone else. The skill you gain from learning these maps inside out is more than enough to show for completing the map, trust me.
    Wizard of Milk
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  • Steve-nC- avatar
    Steve-nC- Joined 12y ago
    3,869 points Ranked 2,194th
    Pros: -a nice amount of jumps -good lighting to fit the design -creative jumps -great scalar difficulty as you progress through the map Cons: -intended for both teams, but the teams can cross into each other's side and DM -repetitive appearance -no CP -no final area -the water jump Improvements: Obviously, you need to create a CP to enhance the map design. In TFC you didn't need them, but in TF2 you do. I also like seeing concluding areas to jump maps because it gives a sense of completion. This map teleports you right back to the beginning, which is frustrating. The lighting is good, but not enriching. This probably because of the concrete appearance of everything. Being boxed in and adding in the unchanging environment are two strikes against the design, but the jumps are challenging and enjoyable enough to overcome the visual stagnation. Really, the progression of difficulty is the best part of this map. Even people new to rocket jumping can play this map and it is designed in such a way that people will learn quickly several useful techniques. There is only one continuity problem with the map, and that is the water jump - dolphin. It is by far an extremely difficult jump and should of been placed further in the map. As the 4th jump, many people get to it quickly only to be stuck for quite awhile. It is a solid jump, but is harder than the first 3 jumps prior to it and the next 3 jumps after it. You do a better job on the advanced map of making steadily harder jumps. Overall, this is a great soldier map, one of the best out there, and what it looks in aesthetics it makes up in fun and playability. I know plenty of people who have long since mastered the map, yet still enjoy playing it as soldier and demo, which is a testament to how fun the map is.
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cownaetion avatar
cownaetion Joined 13y ago
393 points Ranked 49,410th
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