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A Map for Team Fortress

************BETA/FINAL release of -=SPIT=- PUBLIC release************* ======IMPORTANT====== This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress v2.5 QuakeC patch, which can be downloaded from or from =============================== Title : Spit. Filename : Authors : Ewen Aitchison [a.k.a ] Phon Email Address : Description : TeamFortress Quake Map, : You will find your opponents flag on the top floor of their base, once you have it run like the clappers back to your base and drop off the flag. To drop off the flag, head for the main hall, up the steps, across the small bridge, then through the door on the walkway, down the side ramps and around the wall, there you will find a stone on the floor stand on that to drop the flag. Additional Credits to : -id for making Quake : Ben morris for WORLDCRAFT URL's * * ===================================== *Contents* Spit.bsp goes into your quake/fortress/maps dir Cap1b.wav goes into your quake/fortress/sound/Items dir ===================================== * Play Information * Single Player : Nope but you can take a look Cooperative : NO Deathmatch : well if you must, I put 2 deathmatch starts in TeamFortress : 7 spawn points per team Difficulty Settings : N/A. New Sounds : 1 New Graphics : IKbase.wad [nice innit ] New Music : yup, me playing Summer Holiday on the spoons Demos Replaced : None * Construction * Base : New level from scratch Editor(s) used : WorldCraft v1.3 / BspBuild /Rvis Known Bugs : None found Build Time : about 3 days over as many weeks. Vis : Level 4 vis Fixed since last Release : Upper respwan room door. * fixed * Changes since last release : nahfink Yet to be fixed : time will tell * Other Info * ************************************************************ **** Try a BBS now and then. MultiPlay 0181-900-1266 **** ************************************************************ Phon [ that's me :) ] * 2Tribes2 * CandyMan & Milky's TF map * 2force1 * Candys * chaos1 * Horus * 2sphinx6 * * COPYRIGHT NOTICES and PERMISSIONS * This level is copyright (c) 1998 by Ewen Aitchison. Permission to use, copy and distribute unedited copies of this file -- -- is hereby granted, provided that no fee is charged for the use or availability of this file (other than the normal connection costs for on-line services, if applicable). The above copyright notice and this permission notice must be left intact in all copies of this file. If you want to use this level as a base to build/change/make you're own level, then tuff. I cant stop you of course, but I'll hunt you down and rip your lungs out. :) Enjoy. Phon 23rd March 1998




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