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Spaz-Ball - A Map for Team Fortress 2.6 By Sgt.Thundercok Version 4 Other maps- The Well, The Rock Used- Worldcraft, EntEd, Qme, Paint shop Pro, TextPad Level 4 vis(full vis) ----Check the Spaz-Ball page for strategys and tips---- ----Courtesy of Axl and Punisher---- Changes in Version 4------- -All classes are back in -Engineer is in but it will be very difficult to build -Message at end of what team won -Dr.Pepper Changes in Version 3------- -Classes allowed are Soldier, Demoman, Medic, Heavy Weapons, and Pyro -Grenade stripper really fixed -Detpacks really gone -Grenade 1 allowed for all classes -Larger ball Changes in Version 2------- -Set max of 8 players per team -Invisible floors below spawn room are gone -Detpacks are gone -Fixed grenade stripper -Fewer cells are given when a team is scored on -Players scoring on their team will be surprised -More messages FIRST- Put the .mdl files in your fortress\progs folder. Then put spaz4.bsp in your fortress\maps folder. Join server. Die. GAMEPLAY- 4 Teams, one ball. Score on the enemy teams goals. When a team is scored on 5 times they are spawned to the observation rooms, and only have a axe. Until a team is joined, they will be scored on for each score on other teams. So if red and blue are in and red has 2 goals, and blue 1, yellow and green will have 3 each. As each goal is scored on a new obstacle will be put in their hallway for added defense, in order of; Start- Clear hall 1 goal- Recycle chute is available 2 goals- Laser pit is available 3 goals- Saws are made active 4 goals- Fans O'Death are made active The recycle chute and laser pit trap doors are triggered from the command center in the hall. The Saws and Fans are tripwires. They will not trigger on the home team. When you join the game, select a team that does NOT have 5 scores on them. If your team loses, and you want to keep playing, type reconnect in the console, and join another team. Preferably to trounce the bastards that nailed your team. A red light will flash at arena entrance to whatever hall the ball is in. NOTES- Please do not write telling me some other feature that should be in etc. I am out of entity space and already had to compromise many ideas to get it all to work. -Please DO write to tell me if something is particularly annoying, and with how many players on at the time. - All grenade type 2 are removed. I wanted it to be each class with their main weapon, not a bunch of mirvs, concussion, nail, and hallucinogen grenades flying around.
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