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**** This map designed for the TeamFortress v2.6 quakeC mod **** 2/2/98 =====Map Information====== Title: Aztec Zone Filename: Author: Matt Wilson (Edge) Email: Description: TeamFortress v2.6 Quake Map =====Play Information====== This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress QuakeC patch, which can be downloaded from or from Single Player: No Cooperative: No Deathmatch: No TeamFortress: Yes Difficulty Settings: No New Sounds: No New Graphics: No New Models: Yes New Music: No Demos Replaced: None Level vised for GL: Yes ======Construction======== Base: Fresh start Editor(s) and Utilities used: Worldcraft, EntEd, Vici, Rvis, Minlight, BSP2Wad Known Bugs: None known Construction Time: 3 Weeks On and Off Build Time: 1348 seconds Build Computer: P200, 32Mb RAM Vis Level 4: approx. 4 hours Light: 1565 seconds ======Installation======= This archive contains 3 files. - Aztec1.txt You're reading it now. - Aztec1.bsp The map file. Put it with your other TF maps. - Crystal.mdl This goes in your fortress/progs directory. - readme.txt Instructions for unpacking the archive. ======Gameplay====== This is a TeamFortress "Sacrifice the Crystal (and yourself!)" map. There are two teams to this map. The tribe of Ifrit, god of Fire (red), and the tribe of Leviathan, god of Water (blue), who are locked in a bitter holy war for their respective deities. To sacrifice the enemy teams crystal, you must go into their base and take it from its alter deep in the enemy temple. From there you must make your way out of the enemy base to your own and place the crystal on the top of your sacrificial tower, which is in the main courtyard. POINTS SYSTEM: 10 team points for each sacrifice 10 frags for each team member for each sacrifice their team makes. Individual frags count in this game. ====Misc. Info==== Thanks to TFS for the TeamFortress quakeC mod, and to id Soft. for Quake, easily the best online multiplayer game ever created. Thanks also to Martin Blunden (Deathwalker, aka GraveDigga) for the crystal model, for sending me stuff like Vici and help files, and for listening to me mumble about being too thick to use EntEd or set up my own TF server. And last but not least ta ver' much to all you peeps who helped me with testing and kept me playing TF when I should have been working on my map. ;) =====Legal Stuff===== (c)copyright 1997 by Matthew Wilson NO MODIFICATIONS ARE TO BE MADE TO THIS MAP OR ENTITES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. YOU MAY NOT USE THIS MAP FOR COMMERICAL PROJECTS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. THIS MAP SHALL BE AVAILABLE FREE TO THE PUBLIC AND CAN BE TRANSFERED TO OTHERS ONLY IF THE ABOVE MENTIONED THREE (3) FILES ARE INCLUDED IN THE ZIP. YOU MAY NOT ADD OTHER FILES TO THE ZIP. IF YOU WISH TO USE PORTIONS OF THIS MAP FOR YOUR OWN FREE MAP PROJECT YOU MUST ASK. email: or =================================== End of text file.



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