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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

Hi all, I basicly started this map for the 10th moutains clan (, but i will make it public to as: aim_10th_moutains The idea was to create a map that has realism, it had to be a urban/city type off map and it had to be dusty. So this is the result. I did focust on the outside, rather than the inside but i got like at least 6 building you can go in, and 3 of them have a 2nd floor. The map alsow has background noises, like on my other (slightly to big) map; cs_Dessert_Conflict. So you hear guns being fired in the distence and you hear explosions and stuf like that. All of those sounds are randomly played over a period of 5 min from the start of the round. I liked that on my last map so I used it again. What i didn't made this time was a 3d skybox, simply because it wasn't needed. And I don't have HDR light on the map, thats because 2 lightmaps make the file a little to big, and i like the size now that's around 5 MB. I've alsow included a radar, again players are not able to download it from your server, if you do want that: ad it to the bsp with pakrat or something. The size wil grow to about 15 MB's when you do that. That's why I didn't. So the radar and overview are in the .rar file but players just cant download them from your server. After all, missing the radar won't make a big difference. But you will see. Bots can go evrywhere, so they can also go upstairs, set them to extreme, and you will have a good time getting owned :) Max players/bots : 24 dont have more spawns. So 12 players per team. Best way to play the map: i think anything bolow 8 vs 8. May wana take a look at this movie of the map: Overall i hope you guys like my map and good luck playing on it ;) Dennis van Heeren - ingame: Mr.Shotgun_NL



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    Looks quite good m8 and i like the attention given to the maps notes, altho i do slightly disagree in not embedding things or adding 3dskyboxs etc to keep the file size low almost everyone has broadband now and having larger maps dosnt be a problem and people who download maps through servers should think about downloading the map from the web first thats just my opinion, i think a few improvements would be a bit more variation in textures ( for detailing purposes ) and some alpha displacements to finish it off, like i already pointed out u should really consider sacrificing file size to advance the map a little, nether the less its still good really pros : Well thought out, good authors notes Cons : Bit to much like dust, content not embed ( according to notes not actually checked this ) Improvements : Stated above.
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    Looks really nice n fun and i'm really glad for one thing, i don't have to make the god damn nav file for it=D
    Just kill it if it moves=)
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    Looks nice, will assess later


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Dennis van Heeren


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Development Info

I used Hammer to make it all, and the screenshots are modified with photoshop CS3
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