A Map for Team Fortress

This is a two team capture-the-flag(key) map. Each team has their own base, at opposite ends of the map. (Where have I seen this sentence before ???) The objective is to infiltrate the enemy base, and capture the enemy key which is in their computer room located on the top level. Score 10 points for a key capture and 5 points for detpacking the ememy main computer (Just behind the key) and the lucky detpacker gets rearmed. The key gets returned to the main computer, just behind the Key in your base (Top Floor). This will give everyone full Cells and Medkits on your team. (Cells and Medkits you ask see bellow). The grappling hook has been removed in this level (leave it to the rocket jumpers to attack the base-second level). The Spawn rooms are also the resupply points if this is a disadvantage then get some engineers to do some building. The doors close after 1 second (Hopefully to cut down on some spawn point campers). (Hope this works) There are a few ways into each base front door and up the ramp or take the wind lift at the back, under water (one intake tube , one outlet) or rocket jump the front wall. There are also two towers per base which give a great view but well ... a bit cramped. * Map Design * I believe that there should be some sort or incentive for key capture and cells give engineers the required material to construct/repair various items and the Medkits for the Medics, the Pryos also get some ammo but they are a short range weapon. So while giving the Team a bonus it doesn't instantly put the other team at a disadvantage i.e. Give out quad, ammo or amour and then the other team will just get there butt kicked even worse. After playing the various TF maps out there I decided to have a go myself with the goal of combining the elements I like about various different maps out there ( 2fort4 / sfort / e1m1 ). I also read as much as I could find about map making and QW limitations etc. So with all this in mind the largest Poly count is just over 500,so there should be no gray patches and it should run at a descent rate with 32 people around (I Hope).
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