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The first Capture Point map ever. ;D

This is a two-team Team Fortress map using an entirely new scoring system that I call my Command Point System. Scoring is based on the idea of territorial control of a level, centered around a number of command points spread throughout the map. Control of a command point signifies general control of the surrounding area of the map. There are eight command points in the Canal Zone, and the scoring works like this: - Each command point can only be controlled by one team at a time (duh). - Once a team takes control of a command point, that team gets 1 point for every 30 seconds they remain in control. - To take control of a command point, someone must take one of the four command markers (they look like keys) from their own base, and take it to the command point they want to control. While carrying a command marker, the player runs at half speed and glows. The half speed feature is intended to make it very difficult for lone runners to just dash in and claim a command point by simply dodging the defense. - As soon as a command marker touches a command point, the command point is under control of whichever team just claimed it. An appropriately colored key appears above the command point to show who is in control. The command marker is taken from the carrying player and reappears back at base for further use. - In addition to getting points for owning a command point, most command points also have ammo packs and healing pads nearby which become accessible to the controlling team. Future versions of the Canal Zone (once v2.6 is released) should also include new respawn points which become accessible through control of a command point. - Control of all of a team's command points can be broken at once by setting a detpack in the control room of their base. Other nifty features: That funny looking thing on the wall of each base with blue, red, and white spots is a fairly general map of the level. Since there's no real detail, it's no good for navigation. It's there so that teams can see who is control of which command points without having to scout the whole level. As soon as a team captures a command point, the 30 second score timer is activated. 30 seconds after a command point is taken, the corresponding white dot (representing a command point) on the map changes color to show who owns it. I didn't originally intend the 30-second delay, but I don't think it really hurts things at all, and I've actually decided I kinda like it. There are two spots on this level where detpacks can be used to create an alternate path to a command point.



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