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*well6* -This version was necessary to get rid of the detpack bug. This was not a well bug but a TF/QW32 bug. -Also, the torches are gone so it doesn't crash servers with the new quakeworld (man these things get old). *well5* -Pack in spawn room can't be picked up by other team -No grappling hook -Lifts in tower room trigger quicker -Flag returns to base in half the time -Added lift to outside roof *well3* This revision is due to the large quantity of ammo/armor/health boxes I put in the level and the fact that it may be causing players to get dumped. I have removed all the boxes and replaced them with a few backpacks that regenerate frequently. I do not know if this is what is causing the problem, but I was reminded by Captain Action of a Id made map modified for CTF that would dump me whenever I got near an area that a lot of ammo etc. had been placed by the CTF designer. *Overview* This is my re-hashed version of The Well. It is still called The Well although the well is gone. Overall the level should play better for 12 to 16 players. You can now see from fortress to fortress and the well room is gone, replaced by just a wall in the middle of the open area. The lobby is much smaller, as are the hallways connecting everything. It is still a large level, in both filesize and area, but I feel it will play much better with smaller numbers. New features include- *Pipe grates that have to be blown by a detpack to gain access to the secret way to the tower room(the server must be running at least TF version 2.14 for the grates to work). *A pipe from the other side of the tower rooms stream into the ammo room (enemy team should be very careful). *Doors that open and close very quickly to the ammo and spawn rooms. They will inflict a large amount of damage(certain death). The ammo and spawn rooms are so well stocked I didn't feel it should be that safe to try and get in. *Even more anal retentive lighting and texture placement then before! * Other Info * If you like this level mail the server operators and let them know. This is a large level. 2 fortresses with a central wall between the two. The flags are in the rooms at the top of the towers and you return the flag to the bottom of the tower. Please use the ammo room for resupply so there will be ammo when your teammates respawn in the respawn room. Also, if your armor is maxed don't keep running over armor. I built this level with the poly count in mind. I have noticed some TF levels get up to 1000 or more and this gets really bogged. The grappling hook is enabled but I built the level so you can still go to all parts of the map without it. The scoring is 10 points for the capturing team and 1 frag per kill. There are major base ammo roomsand also some backpacks available to each team at both bases. One nice feature is all the clips I used to keep you from gettin snagged on walls, edges etc. I put a clip wall in the middle of the open space(over the wall) to prevent grappling from fortress to fortress. I did not like doing this but someone needs to change the grapple to limit its distance!!!! You can still grapple halfway, drop on the wall roof, and run across.
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