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This is a standard CTF symmetrical map. It consists of 2 moving rocket carriers racing side by side through the desert.

CTF_Convoy_V2 V2.0 By Jahrain Description: This is a standard CTF symmetrical map. It consists of 2 moving rocket carriers racing side by side through the desert. The map idea and name was inspired from a UT2K4 map, however this map features a completely original design created specifically for TF2 CTF gameplay. Note that this is NOT a remake/port of any existing maps. V2.0 Updates: Overview: In this new update, a couple exploits have been fixed, as well as some major adjustments have been made to give a better class balance. A lot more cover has been added to make it less friendly to snipers, and a closer bridge has been added to benefit slower classes. Overall this version is more goal-oriented, and more balanced for all classes. Change log: - Fixed exploit that allowed engineers to build on the ground. - Fixed exploit that gave one team an advantage by allowing any class to crouch jump on top of the rocket from one of the rails on only one of the vehicles and not the other. - Fixed the wind effect so it doesn't affect rockets. - Added a new bridge that is closer to the spawn area and is shielded from sniper fire. - Added allot more open area in the lower storage room to build up a defense against those entering through the newly added bridge. - Added lots of cover around the spawn area, and behind the intel room. - Replaced the upper bridge with jump pads which launch players from one side to the other. - Added a team specific one way door to the storage room outside the spawn to reduce spawn area spamming. - Removed the capture music clip to reduce file size. - Removed some props that crowded some cramped areas. Installation: Extract RAR contents into your "Steam\steamapps\\Team Fortress 2\tf” directory or “\tf” directory of your dedicated server. Objective: Your mission is to is to board the enemy’s carrier, steal their intelligence and return it safely back to your control room. Be careful not to drop it off the vehicle! Your team will be penalized by 1 minute of being unable to recover their intelligence if it is dropped off the vehicle as it must respawn in their control room. Strategies: Offensive and defenses tactics require some team coordination to execute efficiently, however the map is also designed to give skilled solo players a chance. While your team is boarding their carrier, it’s a good idea to defend them from your own carrier with snipers as they are venerable out in the open on their deck and cat walks. There exist solo route for certain classes. Any class that is able to get on top of the rocket has a direct rout to the intel room without being in the line of sight from the opposing team. There is also a sun roof on top of the control room that one can drop in and make an ambush on those guarding the intelligence. Defense on this map is not as easy as most CTF maps. The opposing teams can gain quick entry to the control room where your intelligence is stored if all routs aren’t guarded. There are a few hot spots for sentry guns but for an impenetrable defense it will require a precise coordination of at least 3 sentry guns, each one defending each other from venerable spots. It’s a good idea to use heavies and demo’s to keep those invading the carrier pushed back as far as possible. There is a wind force that will push players back if they try to jump across the map from one carrier to another, so getting directly across without using the extension bridges will not be easy, but there are some spots to build a defense against those trying to jump across onto your carrier. Credits: Map designed and built by Jahrain. Credit goes to UT2K for giving me the inspiration for this map. Also special thanks goes out to T*Killa, HankDaShank and Godling for being dedicated beta testers, as well as the Twisted Network Clan (http://www.thetwistednetwork.net/) and Edge Gamers Organization (http://www.edgegamers.org/) server and their members for hosting some major test plays. Intro music clip from: Charlie Clouser – Convoy If you're a server admin and have a request for any alterations to be made to the map for your server, or just have any suggestions, let me know! Email me at jahrain14@yahoo.com



  • 2y
    "Fixed exploit that allowed engineers to build on the ground."

    I beg to differ...

    There's a lovely section of the ground which engineers can build on. It just requires "sentry-jumping" (possible with Mini-Sentry + teleporters ordeal). Though, at least it's hard to do, let alone how hard it would be on an active server.
  • 5y
    I really like the map, as i played this map a lot at UT. But the map chrashes the server if the intelcarrier hits the ground.
  • 6y
    joshi222 avatar
    joshi222 Joined 6y ago
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    > **Posted by thefatkid**

    > **Pros:**
    > - Was a fun ut2004 map
    > - very fun tf2 map
    > **Cons:**
    > - crashes - The rocks that used to pass between the two 'trucks' now pass directly through the blue side. If you get hit by them, they carry you beyond the level boundaries and the server crashes.
    > **Improvements:**
    > - I'ts unplayable

    are you dumb or a troll. my guess your a troll.
  • 6y

    - Was a fun ut2004 map
    - very fun tf2 map


    - crashes - The rocks that used to pass between the two 'trucks' now pass directly through the blue side. If you get hit by them, they carry you beyond the level boundaries and the server crashes.


    - I'ts unplayable
  • 7y
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    Got its own Wiki article on the TF wiki

    Nice going
    the gameplay is perfect
    Retired King Midas
  • 7y
    amazing map
  • 7y
    t00bz avatar
    t00bz Joined 7y ago
    I've played this map a couple times, and it's GREAT

    there's no more spawncamping heavies, i don't really know why, but they almost never seem to make it to the other spawn, or they just forget about it

    snipers, pyros, and whatever can't use special weapons to shoot from convoy to convoy, most people are running past into the passageways and there's glass for protection

    i don't have to stickyjump across the convoy anymore :D

    and there's not as much sniper spam.
  • 8y
    SomeGuy avatar
    SomeGuy Joined 8y ago
    184 points Ranked 19424th
    for some reason, the textures for the ground and wheels are all placeholders(purple and black) any way to fix this?
    Why is butterscotch?
  • 8y
    This map is from unreal tournament as i remember great job on the map
  • 8y
    Fire avatar
    Fire Joined 8y ago
    130 points Ranked 24522nd
    I have to try this map. Looks so awesome.
    I had an idea, couldn't you do the same except on two airborne objects? Say, two airplanes, or even two rockets flying in space. That would be even cooler.
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