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This is a simple CTF map I made on a whim. It's loosely based on the concept of Minotaur: a large, mostly underground base with a flag at each entrance. This version, however, is designed to accommodate more players. Rather than the comparatively linear Minotaur base, I utilized the labyrinthine Ultima Thule base, which is one of the most colossal bases and possibly the most labyrinthine in the game. Since this base also has a similar layout to the one in Minotaur (i.e. two entrances, a good distance apart), it seemed ideal for the task. The base's interior is loaded with crates stashed in various locations. In addition to providing hiding places for deployable stations, they serve the purpose of slowing down flag carriers, giving defenders a chance to catch up. They also make for some ideal hiding spots for cloakers. The entrances of the base are defended by lone sentry turrets. Placed to encourage staying indoors, these sentries make it a bit tougher to attack the enemy flag from outside. Note that these turrets don't cover the flags themselves; protecting the flags is up to the defenders. Outside, there isn't much cover. A few assorted trees dot the landscape, but other than that, there is nothing. Players attempting to cross the no-man's-land between the bases will be easy targets for attack, as they are easy to spot and there is nothing to hide behind. The fog is moderate, but it is possible to see from one team's outpost to the other. Expect to see a bit of mortar spamming between bases in this map. Base rape is entirely possible in this map, but it isn't likely to be a serious problem. The towers are set off the ground, making assaults a bit more complicated than simply walking in. Each tower has three inventory stations, so if the lower two fall to intruders, the upper station will probably survive. Most importantly, the repair packs in this map are out in the open, so if a base is disabled, repairs can be made quickly. There's not much more to say here. Enjoy this one, and feel free to offer any constructive criticism so that I may make improvements in later maps. Thanks!



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