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Such lovely weather on Starwolf worlds. :D For those of you who long for more than just the same old CTF, I have made Cryogenyx. Not only can you cap the enemy flag, you can take most of their base away from them as well! Better still, if you are quick on repairs and quicker still on defense, you can use their base against them! Each opponent is given a small section of their base which cannot be powered down and cannot be captured. (protected on all sides by team-only force fields) A team can use this emergency shelter to re-equip, regroup, and counter-attack to reclaim their base. Of course, for the successful base cappers, there's a handy logo projector out in front of each base, to rub your enemies' noses in your success. Casual base-wreckers need not apply, though.. as the switch is not easy to get to. A layered power grid/defense system will make it tough to knock out auxiliary power and cripple the base enough to take their switch. There is also an extensive mining system, centered around a midpoint mining base. (also capturable) A tunnel system runs underneath this base, and a bridge network is in place to allow for the transport of mining equipment from mountain to mountain. Controlling this mining base also controls certain towers in the game, so holding this base may be more critical than you realize. Fail to hold it, and the tower nearest you falls to enemy control.. each tower near a base contains one inventory station, to sweeten the deal for controlling the non-aligned assets on the map. This map is supposed to be depressing.. I had originally made it much more so than now. But that depression was meant to be counter-acted by the freeness of movement, and the ability to utterly crush your opponent and take his very base from him. I hope to give each player on Cryogenyx the feeling that they've conquered the elements, as well as humiliated their fallen enemies. Feedback is welcome on this, as I am willing to make a 1.1 revision if base-capping is too easy or too difficult to be enjoyable.



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