crowsnest pass

A Map for Tribes 2

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Each base is located on a hilltop far above the pass dividing the mission. This balanced mission is very large with the bases 2 kilometres apart, but the terrain is very agreeable to seasoned skiers and the visibility is very good. The bases are powered by twin generators, which are located in the basement. The flag is suspended in the centre of the base' Great Hall. Sentry turrets guard all entrances and there are plenty of inventory stations to go around. Each base has a large plasma turret overlooking the vehicle pad and surrounding valleys. The large base defense turret and the main sensor array are powered by a solar panel attached to the rear wall of the base. The vehicle pad supplies only aircraft, as the local terrain is inhospitable to ground assault or hover vehicles. I originally envisioned roads throughout the mission, but without the ability to texture them suitably, I felt it was best to leave out ground vehicles for now. The vehicle pad and its inventory station are powered separately from the base by a solar panel attached to one of the vehicle pad stanchions. The Advance Outpost in the middle of the pass in the central mission area, will be a critical asset especially in the closing minutes of the mission. The Outpost is directly in the path of the flag runners, and should provide an arena for some of the most exciting battles. Capture and hold the outpost for an additional 100 points. Lose the outpost and lose the 100 points to the other team. Other than the large plasma turret on the roof, the outpost has no additional defenses so setting up a defense network is of prime importance to holding this valuable resource. The outpost is equipped with a medium sensor and 2 inventory stations and will play a key role as an early warning system and as a resupply depot for warriors in the field. Crowsnest Pass is primarily designed for large team play. Comments and suggestions welcome. Server operators please keep an open mind to community created content. The creativity displayed by Tribes 2 map designers is virtually unlimited, and will greatly enhance the experience and longevity of this game if given half a chance.



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