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desert tactics

A Map for Company of Heroes

Desert Tactics (2 vs. 2) by: "$ TEXAS $" Description: Desert Tactics: A 4 player map: This map is a return to the desert, with scar coding. The map is somewhat large and contains a very open center which can prove difficult to hold. There are some familiar control points on this map as well as some new surprises. first of all you wont be able to research your command abilities, however you will receive more abilities than you could originally get (with out cheating), 11 total. 7 of these will appear on your display during the game but the first three for each team wont be very obvious, so I will tell you what they are: > for allies < 1) ability to capture points with vehicles 2) ability to allow riflemen to build defenses 3) ability to build Howitzers > for Axis < 1) greater line of sight around control points 2) the "Fortify Perimeter" ability 3) ability to build "88mm Flak 36AT/AA gun" of course abilities such as Tiger, Pershing, V1, and Artillery strikes will be provided. Special control points: (1) there is one point to receive random, Armor reinforcements (2) there is one point to receive random, Support unit reinforcements (snipers, Armored cars, etc.) (3) controlling all four center points will provide special rewards > for the allies, a Air Raid every 5 minutes > for Axis, receive a reinforcement of an Elite (Black) Tiger Ace (one for each player) every 8 minutes There are also a couple of new surprises to prolong the battle, but I don't want to give away everything. Instructions: -Unzip all the files in "" to: "C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\WW2\Scenarios" Note: "\HP-Administrator\" may go by a different name on your computer This is a .sga file and does NOT require the "-dev" in the Company of Heroes shortcut if you already have the "-dev" it's not a problem. Feel free to use this map in any way you want just give me credit for my work! if you have any problems you can contact me at Enjoy!



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