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Welcome to "aim_carnage_ll_v3" Map created By El_Mexicano & el_cubano This is an "aim" map , with 24 slots in each team for a total of 48 slots Very very fun map , the aim ?????: the two teams are separeted by a wall, you begin onyl with the cut , there is a countdown from ten to 0 will permit you to take any weapon , the harder way you'll go for the weapon, the better will be the weapon !!!! after ten secondes the wall explode and the team are face to face and the carnage can begin !!!!!!!! Just have a look at the video to see the FUN gameplay i included the .RES file which allow you to put it on your serv easier Big thanks to the Los Latinos production for their help & all the Los latinos team for the help they gave me => Latinos internet page : => Los Latinos server : FUN FUN FUN Thanks : -Thanks to Cubano for the textures & the skybox INSTAllation : only extract the .RAR into you folder CSTRIKE ....... El_mexicano (ps: if you encounter any problems with the map , please contact us at, thank you ).



  • 9y
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    Mak91 Offline
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    Pros: Cool skybox
    Cons: Hideous texture, what were you thinking?
  • 10y
    el_mexicano avatar
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    Ok , to change your texture color , you need first the prog "gcfscape", with that prog you can extract the texture you want to change !!( look on google you'll fidn everything about that prog , it's a freeware) ..... when you've already extract the texture i used photoshop to change the color !!!!!!!
    The French Touch'
  • 10y
    Black Jelly avatar
    Member Joined 10y
    113 points Ranked 25930th
    Can you please tell me how you changed the colors of the textures? ive been looking for something like this forever!!!
    btw i love the skybox... amazing work
  • 10y
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    Really cool map. Love the skybox!


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    Mapping Imp
  • 10y
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    Pros: cool textures! nice skybox!!!
    Notes: seem to be a fun map! good job here!
    I like boobs


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1,041 points Ranked 4496th

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Development Info

Photoshop & gcfscape to make the personalised textures and skybox,Dj mixstation 3 to make the ambient sound tracking pixel