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CP_DesertFortress By Jahrain About this map: This is a symmetrical 4 control point non-linear map. It takes place in a remote fortress in a desert right in between the middle of nowhere. It has a unique placement of 2 central control points accessible at any time through out the match, both of which are required to be captured before the final opposing team's control points can be captured. This map also favors all classes and styles of gameplay. The arena like map design and layout is simple, and elegant to work very well for intensive competitive gameplay with as little as 6 players, and can erupt into ongoing chaotic battle at almost any point on the map on a full server of up to 24 – 32 players. Unlike most traditional control point maps, which require teams always be focused on one specific area of the map at a time trying to push the other time back and move forward, this map requires the team to focus on all points of the map at all times, this creates allot of chaos and havoc to sweep across the entire map at any given time as it’s design encourages teams to circulate the map from start to end. Even with both central control points captured, either one of the 2 central control points can be reclaimed by the opposing team to block the other team from winning and rush to their base if it is unprotected for a winning capture. The outcome of the winner is always unpredictable until the last second of the final capture as the apposing teams can reclaim control of both points in a matter of seconds and completely turn around the match. This map is recommended for anyone who enjoys chaotic matches, deathmatch-like gameplay, and favors specializations in any class or play style. Unique spots are specifically placed throughout the map to give class based rock-paper-scissor like advantages over other players based on class for both defensive and offensive tactics. Overall, the team who either executes the best coordinated strategy, or just simply does the most killing and reeking of havoc to the other team will successfully win the matches. Release notes: This is the first release version. Changes in newer versions may follow. If anyone finds any issues, exploits, map glitches, or have any design suggestions, please email me at jahrain14@yahoo.com. I welcome any feedback on the map. Credits: Designed and created by: Jahrain Tested by: Jahrain T*Killa AndyTheBomb VoyagerSilver HankDaShank Mr. Popo Mullac theShizz The Wall Onslaught[gibzors] Zap Rocked Triggerhappy About the Author: This is my first map release for Team Fortress 2. I have a deep background in mapping and creating mods for other FPS games such as Halo CE, Halo 2, and Unreal Tournament 2004. I specialize mostly in 3d modeling and programming but mapping as always been something I enjoyed. Learning to map for the Source engine and Team Fortress 2 in the past 3 weeks prior to release of this map has been a great experience. Check out most of my creations at www.halomaps.org.



  • 9y
    liam12360 avatar
    liam12360 Joined 9y ago
    910 points Ranked 5321st
    Pros: Super fun map, something for everybody! Small size (5MB)
    Cons: None that I can think of...
    Improvements: None that I can think of...


    Caffeine Powered avatar
    Caffeine Powered
  • 9y
    Arthurp avatar
    Arthurp Joined 10y ago
    232 points Ranked 16482nd
    Design: Its nice but it lack charictor
    Looks: tiny bit bland but nice
    Gameplay: Good, its just not one of those maps that leaps out at me when choosing a map :(


    farly new to mapping
  • 9y
    jimmysmitty avatar
    jimmysmitty Joined 9y ago
    344 points Ranked 12264th
    Pros: Great map, nice design
    Cons: Too sniper friendly and too stalemate prone
    Improvements: Make it more balanced for all classes. Its hard but can be done. Other than that my clan plays this map often for fun.


    Who is your daddy and what doe
  • 10y
    Crap CMZ avatar
    Crap CMZ Joined 10y ago
    1,111 points Ranked 4387th
    Pros: Great map. A lot of fun, one of my favorites by far.
    Cons: Can slow down/lag a bit occasionally.
    Improvements: Optimization, otherwise perfect.


    Semper ubi sub ubi
  • 10y
    Dajjal avatar
    Dajjal Joined 10y ago
    Fps are really bad on servers with 32 players and for some people with low specs, did you added any optimization for the map like occluders, zones or Hint ? If you need help optimizing pm me and ill give you a hand.

  • 10y
    tycho_monolith avatar
    tycho_monolith username pic Joined 10y ago
    348,431 points Ranked 7th
    Great map to be a sniper or even a scout. Lots of fun!


    It's just a flesh wound avatar
    It's just a flesh wound
  • 10y
    Termaximus avatar
    Termaximus Joined 10y ago
    1,544 points Ranked 3145th
    Pros: Nice detail. Fun map if Snipers limited.
    Cons: Too Ssniper friendly. Points A and B are too close to each other in my opinion.
    Improvements: Make less Sniper friendly. Make map a bit larger so cps A and B are farther apart.


    Bringing the func_train to TF2 avatar
    Bringing the func_train to TF2
  • 10y
    Pros: Well designed map. Very fun to play. Good job.
    Cons: The sniper sight line from slightly south of B which goes practically into the enemy base is a little over powered when fighting mediocre enemy snipers.
    Here's an screenshot of what I mean: http://www.machine-code.com/tf2/cp_desertfortress0000.jpg
    In this screenshot, I am able to shoot almost all the way into the enemy base. The position has lots of cover, and is very far away from the enemy base, which gives you ample time to shoot enemies before they reach cover. Finally, with mediocre snipers on the other team it allows a good sniper to reign supreme.
    Improvements: Possibly put some more cover to block the ability of snipers to be able to have this sightline
    Notes: Here's the zoomed out shot: http://www.machine-code.com/tf2/cp_desertfortress0002.jpg
    All of this may be due to the fact that it was the first time I tried it on my server, and people didnt know the map properly to counter this. Possibly also due to the fact that I had a sentry covering my rear from any flanking attempt.


  • 10y
    t_killa avatar
    t_killa Joined 10y ago
    Pros: EXCELLENT Game play,
    Improvements: none
    Notes: This map defiantly has a fun game play unlike the other stock maps.


  • 10y
    Varadero avatar
    Varadero Joined 10y ago
    1,308 points Ranked 3730th
    Great map, really good job.


    Bananed avatar


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jahrain avatar
jahrain Joined 10y ago
2,397 points Ranked 1999th

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