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A Map for Team Fortress 2

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CP_SCIENCE! (cp_science) Gametype: Control Points (linear) Author: Mark "Shmitz" Major E-mail: Version: 1.0.0 Notes: CP Order is Blue Laser, Blue Power, Catalyzer, Red Power, Red Laser, but the layout is not strictly linear! It is not enough to just push to the next point, you must also actively defend your current one. When in doubt, follow the blinking arrows, and pay attention to the cap point icons. You should be able to find similar icons in your area to tell you if you're in the right place, or what direction you need to be going. Cap Times (roughly): Lasing Chambers: 12s x1, 8s x2, 6s x3 Power Transforms: 30s x1, 20s x2, 15s x3 Catalyzer: 40s x1, 27s x2, 20s x3 ___________________________________ Revision History FINAL 1.0 * Decreased Catalyzer cap time by 4, increased Power Transform times by 2. This preserves total cap time for points 2 through 4, but reduces situations where cap races could gives the power transform areas a frustrating advantage. * Clipped some doorframes and supports that still needed them. * Made doors open considerably faster. * Added a smattering of detail. BETA 5 * FIXED: Map now will correctly end when the server map timer expires. * Added ambient sounds throughout the map. * A team who controls the fourth point will now spawn in both forward spawns. Wall panels will change depending on who owns the spawns so that players are sent in the correct direction. Additionally, when the fourth point is taken back by the opposing team, toxic gas will begin to leak into that area (this is to prevent people from exploiting the forward spawns and trying to stay in them to grief the other team). * Because the forward spawns are now divided, it should be easier to flank and take the final point. However, it should also be easier to retake the fourth point because fewer defenders will be emerging from that spawn room. This will either end the round more quickly, or provide a more dynamic back-and-forth, depending on how balanced the teams are. * Fixed spawn times. They are actually shorter this time, at about 10-13 seconds. * Reordered initial spawn points to make it more likely that people will spawn together. Say yes to teamwork! BETA 4 * Added fog transitions. * Made the power areas more engineer friendly. Defending your color power area should be much easier as an engineer now. The changes should also hopefully make it more intuitive which direction you should go to reach the "next" point. * Shortened spawn times. * Added forward spawns. These are located in the access tunnels between the power areas and the center. They open up when you have taken the fourth point and are assaulting the final point. * Reduced time added from caps by 30 seconds. * Reduced the laser damage slightly. * Other miscellaneous visual tweaks. BETA 3 * Fixed the warning messages on the non-final cap points. * Revamped the wayfinding system. Now each point has a symbol associated with it, which corresponds to the symbols in the HUD. Directional signs should also be a much more immediate read. Lastly, there are maps in the spawn rooms and main foyer of each base that will indicate what the status of the cap points are and where players should go. * Moved the stairs from the lab hallways to connect to the center doorway rather than the right doorway. The right doorway now only leads back up to the resupply rooms. * Altered the architecture on Blue Power to further differentiate it from Red Power and to better follow Valve's stylistic conventions for Blue. * Added pictures and instructions to map load (instead of displaying this readme). * Tweaked various visual aspects of the map. * Fixed a number of areas that could be sticky-jumped to. * Slightly increased the cap time for the center point to lessen the "stampede" effect that often caused action to move from one Power area to the next without much action taking place in the middle. BETA 2 * Removed two "access tunnel" routes that were largely redundant. Added stairs for ease of access to the remaining routes. * Extended the alcoves overlooking the catalyzer drum to include a second window and make the area more viable for point assault and defense. * Shortened cap times, game time, spawn time adjustment, and time added. * Removed many "control point" signs that were probably contributing to confusion more than they acted as guides. * Added and moved blinking arrow signs to be more visible, intuitive, and helpful. * Added more coloration and distinct architecture to differentiate "mirrored" areas and help players determine where they are. * Added more descriptive signs for each area. * Added display text that tells everyone on each team what their new objective is whenever a point is captured. Currently, those running with the "minimal hud" option will not recieve these messages. * Added a set of stairs and a third approach to the final cap point. This third passage only opens when the final point is contested, and can be accessed through the outdoor sheds. Combined with the change to spawn time adjustments, these changes should make the final point much easier to cap. If it doesn't, I will be moving the spawn points farther away from the last point for the next version. BETA 1 First public release.



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  • Fragimus_Max avatar
    Fragimus_Max username pic Joined 11y ago
    8,578 points Ranked 701st
    access_time 11y
    Pros: INNOVATIVE. A map everyone should play at least once with strangers and once with a friend. Planned-out and a huge personal step forward for the mapper. Cons: Even though the map doesn't suffer from the enormous battlefield of CTF_Revolution, there are very few areas where enemies aren't able to attack you from all sides. This throws off the flow and turns many planned tactical strikes into crazy free-for-alls. There's also the common opinion that the map is too hard to navigate - which, as a result, limits the amount of players who will return to it. Improvements: I feel an extra level, be it up or down, would help this map greatly. It's cool, but it's a bit flat. Extreme heights and extreme depths would have really cemented a whole new type of gameplay for TF2. Hallways also need to be altered somehow... as it stands right now, they're deathtraps for weaker classes. Notes: As Maxwell Smart said, "Missed it by THAT much!" It's a successful attempt at a new idea that falls just oh-so-short of greatness - which I think Shmitz is saving that for his next map.
    Developer / Map Critic
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  • trainRiderJ avatar
    trainRiderJ Joined 12y ago
    access_time 12y
    Pros: - Original and very well thought-out - Great use of lighted arrows to direct players - Middle cap point is hectic and extremely fun Cons: - The side caps are almost boring compared to the middle cap Notes: - Many people say that the map is too confusing, but once you accept the fact that not every map needs to be linear, it's pretty easy to get around
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  • Termaximus avatar
    Termaximus Joined 12y ago
    1,544 points Ranked 21685th
    access_time 12y
    Pros: Very cool concept. Unique but still has a TF2 feel to it. Nice custom icons and props. Cons: Even with good signage and custom cp icons the map is still confusing to new people.
    Bringing the func_train to TF2 avatar
    Bringing the func_train to TF2
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  • Varadero avatar
    Varadero Joined 12y ago
    1,308 points Ranked 22460th
    access_time 12y
    Really great job. Nice mapping work. A little bit confusing in game, I never know where to go to find the next cap point.
    Bananed avatar
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  • crazychicken avatar
    crazychicken Joined 14y ago
    2,903 points Ranked 19817th
    access_time 12y
    Pros: very well made with good attention to detail Cons: a bit too much grey and not enough sciency machines and experiments going on and can be slow at times Improvements: add more experiments a la half life
    (O>) avatar
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  • rec avatar
    rec Joined 12y ago
    access_time 12y
    Pros: Original non-linear Capture Point structure Tonnes of fun in pub games Cons: Centre-point is very messy due to the small above-ground area you need to stand on to capture Improvements: Redesign the middle capture point
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  • DrHaphazard avatar
    DrHaphazard Joined 12y ago
    410 points Ranked 47303rd
    access_time 12y
    Great to hear that this map is being used in competive play. I think it would be perfect for that. If you get a chance can you let us know how it actually plays out with clans?
    A cheese, or an anvil.
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  • xgloryx avatar
    xgloryx Joined 12y ago
    access_time 12y
    Pros: nice, non-linear layout, great texturing, some neat little features Notes: occasionally players on my server will complain about getting lost, but with the number of signs and arrows on the maps i really don't think that's your fault.
    So it goes.
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  • ThePandaN avatar
    ThePandaN Joined 12y ago
    access_time 12y
    I like this map a lot. As far as competitive custom maps, this is second only to CP_LABOR. I personally feel the middle point could do with some work (much easier to attack then defend) but in the coming weeks I will see first hand how it is against the top TF2 clans in Australia - I believe the OZFortress Cup has included this map into it's rotation, as well as CP_LABOR. Great design of spawn position, and hidden paths, giving easy access to all points - best part about this map - not to mention the zig-zag cap line :D I'm looking forward to this map match-play :)
    The Great PanadaN SwifT
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  • Kev_Boy avatar
    Kev_Boy Joined 15y ago
    2,809 points Ranked 19870th
    9 medals 1 legendary 1 rare
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    access_time 12y
    It's hard to explain in a message here but let's take screenshot 3 only here. The overhead window is brushed and doesn't look that round or interesting, the ceiling also doesn't have any trim around it which looks a little odd. The cylinder in the middle could've used some interesting panels or equipment on its sides, the stairs look structurally odd, the lighting seems to lack distinct highlights around the lights themselves, the texturing is also very minimalistic and the props look a little randomly placed. It's just this culmination of things that, while they don't break a map or make it look ugly, it could definitely be improved upon :)
    In Verts We Trust
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