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A Map for Team Fortress 2

This is the first map I've released for TF2.


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  • d4wq5n avatar
    d4wq5n Joined 12y ago
    414 points Ranked 48174th
    access_time 11y
    Pros: Looks, nice mix of the orange and gray dev textures. The blue sky used contrasts the dev textures, makes it look bright, energetic. Brush work: the creative shapes enhance looks. Your spawns aren’t as campable, compared to other orange maps, thanks to their height off the ground. The points before and after the middle point are more covered compared to those points in orange_x. Cons: Openness. This allows snipers to have a too much power. Half Life light model used in the tower, stick to TF2 models. Purple and black textures are present on the capture points and on some models, which means you either didn’t place env_cubemap entities in your level or you didn’t build them before releasing this map. Too much health and ammo in the bottom of the tower. Because there are only two ways to get to the top of the tower, for most classes, it can be harder to get the point back if a few engineers have placed sentries inside. Hard to defend the vicinity around the outside of the tower. Lack of hiding spots makes it harder for the spy. Improvements: Place and build your cubemaps. Take away some of the health in the tower. Add more cover and hiding spots in the open area around the tower. Notes: For your first map, this is good work. But, if you were to add objects that merely broke up the line of sight and stopped the map from being so open, it would be much more enjoyable. Also, depending on your intentions, the tower is relatively small compared to the rest of the map, making it harder for it to be the focal point. Keep it up, this is a good solid start to your mapping career.
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  • Arthurp avatar
    Arthurp Joined 12y ago
    232 points Ranked 55282nd
    access_time 12y
    Released for tf2? cause its not bad for a first map but i feel this is just a warm up map, know what i meen?
    farly new to mapping
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  • TotalMark avatar
    TotalMark Joined 13y ago
    1,116 points Ranked 23915th
    access_time 12y
    I just discovered this map is BIG in Denmark!!!
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  • Varadero avatar
    Varadero Joined 13y ago
    1,358 points Ranked 22606th
    access_time 12y
    Sniper paradise. Not really funny to play.
    Bananed avatar
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  • Phant0m avatar
    Phant0m Joined 13y ago
    2,256 points Ranked 20565th
    access_time 13y
    This is one of the games what doesn't fit into the DEV textured community but i don't usually take that on assessing what i see its kind of plain and for that is -1 points but it seems to be ok.Maibe create a skybox for it 9/10.
    Gaming should not be taken too avatar
    Gaming should not be taken too
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TotalMark avatar
TotalMark Joined 13y ago
1,116 points Ranked 23915th
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Development Info

Hammer, I sketched it out on a clipboard first. The style was inspired by cp_orange_x and Tron.


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Development State


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