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A Map for Portal


Hotfix 1 2y
  • Adjustment More efficient map and thumbnail locations now being used.
  • Adjustment Renamed map in order to appear roughly alphabetically in Bonus Maps section.
My second Portal map and contains puzzels designed for weighted companion cube use. The Official Release of the Winning Map of the November Mapping Contest at All Puzzles Work 100% BUGS: All known Bugs are fixed. COMMENTS: Official Release Version Changes: - added an image in the bonus map selection screen - added new gravity effects and indicators (special thanks to MrTwoVideoCards) - added one additional autosave - added proper use of func_portal_bumper where needed - changed extraction folder (!) - changed the layout of the 5th test-room a little - changed some triggers ,so players can (hopefully) not lose their weighted companion cube - changed the position of some decals - changed .bns file - changed readme file ;) - fixed the invisible door bug in the last test-room - fixed an error with a model that would appear in the console - fixed one door getting black on open position - removed visible nodraw textures ThinkingWithPortals Mapping Contest - November 2007 Requirements: 1.) Player must be given one, Companion Cube in the map. 2.) Each puzzle must require useage of the Companion Cube to be completed. 3.) At the end of the map, the player must be forced to euthanize her Companion Cube before being able to finish. Ideas to make this map better? Found a bug? Questions? Send an Email to


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  • jack5gamebanana avatar
    jack5gamebanana username pic Joined 6y ago
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    access_time 2y
    This series of test chambers is very well designed and polished, and I haven't seen any map using the default textures that does this better. One thing that holds me back from calling this perfect is the GLaDOS spam when you have yet to euthanise your companion cube. In regular Portal this is fine, but it does not work for these test chambers because the incineration puzzle is rather complicated and long. Either way, this map is worth keeping around.
    your_best_nightmare.png avatar
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  • metz10 avatar
    metz10 Joined 12y ago
    1,309 points Ranked 22747th
    access_time 11y
    Pros: Again, another well-made map using the concept of anti-gravity, as if Portal isn't confusing enough! Some good level design and nice use of the cube throughout. Cons: None, although I'm certainly left wanting more! Notes: I hope you continue to create and release Portal maps of this calibre and look forward to playing them in the future.
    'cS.Metz avatar
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  • Cobalt avatar
    Cobalt Joined 14y ago
    access_time 12y
    I just finished this map. Such a good map, really, great work. I loved it! I especially love the gravity feature. I didn't know portal had that, because it isn't in any of the actual portal maps or challenges.
    Old School Bananite avatar
    Old School Bananite
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  • I.C.Winner avatar
    I.C.Winner Joined 12y ago
    100 points Ranked 74396th
    access_time 12y
    Cool map.
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  • A Person avatar
    A Person Joined 12y ago
    access_time 12y
    Pros: Very well done challenging map. Cons: None
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  • Shougunner avatar
    Shougunner Joined 14y ago
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    access_time 12y
    The gravitational fields adds a unique touch that involve using more thought into solving them than the standard challenge. Although the difficulty tends to vary slightly rather than incrementing as you progress between stages, it promises some great action and devious puzzles that sometimes require for you to think again. However this was based on my experience and compared to your demonstration videos it seems there are a variety of ways to solve the map. I noticed and taken into account the huge amount of detail and effort you have taken into this fantastic creation and fits into the Portal universe perfectly. Certain aspects of the map make this distinctive from the rest such as the style of the lighting and gameplay - which can prove difficult but never frustrating and confirms it a great relief when you finally complete it. :D There are few improvements that could be made in the map, the major one is expansion as this is fairly small but still fun to play. Next time when using the buttons (the one's you have to press use to active, not the big ones you stand on) you ought to make a small brush underneath it with a "Portal Proof" texture so when you make a portal underneath the buttons you can't see the underneath optimized section. All in all - Probably the best map I have seen in portal and this is why I think it deserves a perfect 10
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  • MrCow avatar
    MrCow Joined 13y ago
    177 points Ranked 59168th
    access_time 12y
    Anyone who is stuck on my map can check out this "walktrough" on youtube
    The God of Cows
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  • Revski avatar
    Revski Joined 13y ago
    599 points Ranked 44620th
    access_time 12y
    I cant even get past the first chamber :0
    Dinnertime! avatar
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  • Ross avatar
    Ross Joined 13y ago
    access_time 12y
    Hey, i have the first slice and im wondering where i have to extract this to? Thnks :)
    Motto... Lol. avatar
    Motto... Lol.
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  • tman avatar
    tman Joined 12y ago
    access_time 12y
    It´s really fun to play this map! Not to hard and not to easy - good balance !! thx for releasing :)
    Video kills the Radiostar!
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MrCow Joined 13y ago
177 points Ranked 59168th
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