ax attack!

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Filename : Author : Lord Asaki Email Address : Description : Ok, this is the OLD story: You awaken on the side of the highway, cold rain falling on your face. The last thing you remember was being assigned janitorial duty after a bad day's worth of training at the Marine Camp, then a couple of your buddies invited you to a little "shindig". Well, this ought to teach you to take unassigned leave and have a party at the local bar that your Drill Sargeant frequently visits. Looks like you're finally out for good. You slowly stand up, the effects of the alcohol still lingering, and reach for your shotgun...oh yeah, you were never assigned a shotgun! You feel around and find your trusty ax. As you pull it out, you think to yourself "I can't get kicked out again! Where will I go? I've got to get back to camp... I've got it! If I cut through these woods, I'm sure to get there faster than if I followed the highway! Plus, they'll be so proud that I made it through the woods by myself, they're sure to let me back in!" You walk over to the brick wall and remember how many times you failed to climb one of these, so you take your ax and hack away at the brittle bricks. "I'm coming back!" you yell, and head into the woods, supposedly towards the camp... * Play Information * Single Player : Yes! Cooperative : Nope. I don't know why you'd want to. Deathmatch : Nah. Go play Gauntlet 4 for Genesis =) Difficulty Settings : Yes, in a way.



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    You are friken sick how do you have the time to make all these maps!?

    Looks ah-mazing btw.
    My internet is not working so


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