A Map for Team Fortress 2

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Announcement! Since FPSBanana has become very unreliable, I'll go ahead and give you the link to an older site I used that contains this map. You can find this map at The Snark Pit

Final Update!

It was bound to happen, and meant to do it sooner. I've updated the map to the official Valve entities for KotH. Have fun everyone! Important!! The file has been optimized. All of the required files are zipped into the bsp, there is only one file to worry about . . . the BSP. Updated Once more!! 1) Added a skybox! Credit goes to Lost for his excellent skybox I found on FPSBanana 2) Due to some complaints about the hold timer being too short, and previously too long, I have increased the hold timer to 8 minutes. That should be long enough o allow everyone a fun time. I believe I also added rounds, so if this timer becomes a burden, let me know and I'll change it again. 3) I finally remembered the cubemaps! 4) Fixed several graphical errors from before. As always, enjoy, and spread the word. Also, I'm currently working on a new forest themed arena map. Expect it within the next couple months. In-Game Instructions pop-up: Twisted - version 3 King of the Hill Objective: Capture and defend "The Hill" from the enemy team. First team to hold "The Hill" for a total of eight minutes wins. Note: - The timer displayed in the HUD is for the team who currently holds "The Hill" - If the opposing team takes "The Hill" from your team, your timer will not reset but remain paused untill you recapture the hill. - The enemy only wins win their timer reaches zero. ReadMe: [KotH_Twisted] King of the Hill style map Read the in-game instructions to learn how to play. Install: Just extract the contents of this zip file into: Steam\SteamApps\[your steam account]\team fortress 2\tf\maps For dedicated servers, you'll need to created the compressed file yourself (and be sure to include the objective file) updates: -Each side now has 2 spawn rooms (each with an invisibe cover to prevent demoman spawn camping. - 4 new platforms - Harder to get knocked off the map (you'll only be able to get knocked off in the center and the place you're not supposed to be. author: Ncyphe website: http://ncyphex.awardspace.us version 4 finalized: October 15, 2008 Help me better my mapper by providing comments to this map at: http://www.fpsbanana.com/



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    Posted by Hamster

    Can I steel the layout? I think it looks sexy!

    It looks sexy.


    I'm fallQy.
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    Can I steel the layout? I think it looks sexy!


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    Oh hai.
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    Thank ya'll for your comments. I am aware of a couple of the issues; however, this map is on the edge of the limits of the compiler. I am however createing a different design that is hopefully more compiler friendly. I should have a new map out in a week, assumeing I don't get distracted.
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    Future game dev, in study
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    Pros: Excellent map idea. King of the hill is certainly a change of pace.
    Cons: This map is EXTREMELY small. There are no side and so falling into oblivian is way too easy. Sides aren't really separated so it's a bloodbath
    Improvements: This map has amazing potential. There needs to be some added space so it's not so crowded, sides so people can't just fall off and well..... more closed off areas. In other words, make it so you can't shoot from one side to the other side. The black sky box is liveable - but the other improvements are really needed.
    Notes: LEt me know if you update this map. I'd love to try it out again and hopefully add it to my server. Good work.


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    Pros: Very good brush work there.
    Improvements: Could use a space skybox.


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    .:{Sac_Town}:. Represent


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