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A Map for Portal

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SS_OrangeBox ReadMe SS_OrangeBox is a map created by SneakySoft, for the game Portal. Since there is no official SDK released for Portal, I created this map with Half-Life 2 Singleplayer Hammer. If you want to take a look at how I created this map you can decompile it with VMEX. This map is a bit different compared to the original portal maps. There are always help signs on the wall in the original maps, like how to place the portals to come further in the map. Also you will find signs of where to find the cube. Another one is "the cake is a lie" not that THAT helps you... In this maps there are only arrows. They show you where you can go, but how to come there? Find out yourself... There is an exit sign because after play testing I found out that most people didn't knew where the exit was. HOW TO INSTALL Just copy the 'portal' map from the 'Install' folder into your steam username directory, usually C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\"YOURUSERNAME\ HOW TO PLAY If you copied the file correct you can now start Portal. When you have, click on the "new game" button. Then click 3 times on the "more >" button. Double click on chapter 12 and have fun playing my map ;). Hints & Tips (*) Look into the portal when you go through it, this way you prevent your character from turning upside down when going through. (*) Make more speed with "portal boost jumping" by aiming yourself better into the portals, this way you come out faster. (*) In layman's terms: Speedy thing goes in. Speedy thing comes out. (*) Do not touch the poisoned water. (*) If you see a big button on the ground, look for a cube around. (*) If you don't see a big button on the ground, look for it. (*) Follow the arrows. (*) A lot of arrows next to each other means there is a platform above it. (*) Turrents are not your friends. (*) Save with F6 & Load with F9 (*) The exit sign becomes green when it is open. (*) Don't freak out. ANY QUESTIONS If you have any question you can contact me at



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  • Hunt3rXD avatar
    Hunt3rXD Joined 10y ago
    171 points Ranked 58436th
    access_time 9y
    I've putted it but when I enter in portal, he is blocked, what to do?
    I am coming to get you boy! avatar
    I am coming to get you boy!
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  • DDbrother821 avatar
    DDbrother821 Joined 13y ago
    496 points Ranked 45619th
    access_time 11y
    I first played this map a few months ago, never managed to beat it. reinstalled a few days ago, done in 10 minutes. I dunno what happened... Nice map by the way. Very fun, nice puzzles etc.
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  • Ninjagnome avatar
    Ninjagnome Joined 12y ago
    13,236 points Ranked 440th
    access_time 12y
    I found this was too hard. Besides that, nice map!
    Home Movies ftw avatar
    Home Movies ftw
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  • dr.Cola avatar
    dr.Cola Joined 12y ago
    1,757 points Ranked 21173rd
    11 medals 1 legendary 1 rare
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    access_time 12y
    Pros: awsome Cons: idk Improvements: idk Notes: 10/10
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  • -Style- avatar
    -Style- Joined 12y ago
    1,000 points Ranked 30199th
    access_time 12y
    Too difficult... 6/10
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  • tomirlik avatar
    tomirlik Joined 12y ago
    access_time 12y
    I got past the first jump but now whenever I get to that red button in front of the pane of glass I can't press it. Am I doing something wrong?
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  • Enraged avatar
    Enraged Joined 13y ago
    2,687 points Ranked 19963rd
    access_time 12y
    Nice work! Only improvement is in the textures.
    All Your Base Are Belong To Us avatar
    All Your Base Are Belong To Us
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  • Hawkies avatar
    Hawkies Joined 12y ago
    access_time 12y
    How the hell do u finish this map.. i cant find a exit!
    Don't worry. Be happy :D avatar
    Don't worry. Be happy :D
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  • sniper313 avatar
    sniper313 Joined 14y ago
    access_time 12y
    This map is ugly and has some useless props. At first I wasn't even gonna try it, but after I got past the first water I found the challenge to be great. If this map looked better I would give 10/10.
    Masta Killa avatar
    Masta Killa
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  • -VipericK- avatar
    -VipericK- Joined 12y ago
    access_time 12y
    Hmm, I liked it abit, but you should take some tutorials on lightning, because the orange light isnt really good and has no visible source (Don't know if you want it to have one or it just comes from behind the glass). But anyway, pretty good 3/5.
    SourceForts Capper/GravNader avatar
    SourceForts Capper/GravNader
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