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A Map for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

This is your average CTF map. You start out in your own base, and you have to find a way into your enemy's base, grab their flag, and bring it back to your own base. There are numerous different paths and passages into the enemy base, so dig them out yourself. ;)



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    Here's the fixed version for the HL2DM OB Update.
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    Lol, i always play this map. But wasnt it out like when the game came out?
    Think happy toughts!
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    The map is cool. The geometry is too simple, could have a few embelishments and such, but it's cool. The only things that aren't at all well implemented are weapons layout, low skybox, and the top of battlements. TF has a diferent weapons set and is not a dm game, so the same layout doesn't work the same way. This way everyone has any weapon in his grasp right from spawn, and smg nades and RPG are available with no cost or risk. This doesn't make the map competitive or strategy-wise, and makes it too much camper friendly. The low skybox is easily detected when trying to fire a SMG-nade to the other base and accidentally hit the sky instead. Could be higher without significant performance loss. Then the battlements top. Any player that reaches there via a jump pad can see inside the enemy base and see when enemies are coming out. This is not so good for the map or competitiveness. All the rest is fine. I'd love to see a re-thinked version someday.


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    Lol a map from tf1 hahaha
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    This map is from like when HL2 and HL2DM just came out. Was my most favourite map evar.


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    Nice find. That looks very cool. The textures, lightning, layout is perfect. Thanks to jacob byrd, for the map. :)




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