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Map History: I've made a lot of maps for tfc and I got two finished for FortressForever. I always do these map histories for those who care and myself. This map came about while I was designing Disneyland's California Hotel CTF map. I couldn't come up with a good design. Based on the Disneyland Hotel and newly released Nemo submarine ride I came up with this map. More influential than those two things has been three Unreal Tournament Maps: Compression Chamber, November, and a 3rd underwater Attack/Defend map I can't remember by name. Sealab2021 is an influence... so is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea... one of my fav. films. I favor offensive maps. Last month I was yelling to widen the 2fort doorways. In this map I'm creating double doors that are just as tight. I hope that won't piss off too many people. My hope is the small map size will make up for the tight chokes. I am very anxious to see the compression chambers kill teammates and spys and engys among other brave men. The design doesn't need much explaining. Spawns are exposed to attack, but at the same time they are centered around the teams defensive setup... so you should be able to fend off attacks. The wide hall splits into two tight halls like in monkey. I hope to see some flag tossing there. Compression Chamber resupply fit the theme and were meant to spice up the gameplay. This map is really for soldiers, but my next map is for medics so get ready! Lastly, I just want to say the splash load screen was a compromise and time constraint. I don't totally like the FortressForever designs, and I didn't like what I was coming up with on my own. Photoshop really takes time for the amateur. Odds are I might hire my friend, but I'm damn picky so I might just keep it Art themed since my map designs are simple enough.



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    Pros: looks like a fun map
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