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A Map for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

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About 900 hours of work. dm_hellhole_b94b takes place in an abandoned railway station which has definitely seen better days -- Decay is everywhere.. The walls are crumbling, plastered with old (and real!) advertisements from the 1920's, 30's and 40's, riddled with bullets and impact damage from years of intense combat. Thankfully, the train tracks are cleared, and there IS enough power to keep the razor trains running back and forth, not to mention keep the lights on --- most of the time. :) The decades of neglect have left portions of the walls and ceilings with holes big enough to fall through. This can be a good thing, however -- If you're about to die, you can simply hop down a hole, or duck behind a pile of flaming rubble, and ride a train to safety, if you're lucky. If you're not, you'll become one with the train. :) This map features two trains that run independently of one another at about 70 MPH--each at a slightly different speed to ensure that their behavior isn't boring or predictable. It's possible to ride the train by hopping on one of the flat cars at a terminal, or ride *ontop* of the train cars using a nearby railing or falling down onto it from above. The map is even designed for train-to-train drive-by fighting in some sections. Plenty of traps, easter eggs, hidden vents and tunnels, and detailed entity work make this map a real scream. :) Literally! Particularly when you get hit by one of the trains... Even the death screams are custom-made. Your chin will drop when you see some of the visual effects in this map.. Train engine smoke will seep up through the cracks in the ceiling, and into the rooms and hallways above.. The lights randomly spew out showers of sparks.. Power outages will cause lights throughout the map to flicker as they come back online.. The panes of glass even explode in the direction you shoot them, not just shattering right there were you're standing.. You can even push a bunch of abandoned cars in the path of the train, and watch the train smash into them, obliterating anything in it's path, killing people left and right. You can even sit and watch while noobs fall into a lightning-spewing incinerator booby trap and scream while they burn to death behind a curtain of reinforced glass! A hilarious amount of gore! Priceless! This map has undergone no less than 94 different revisions so far, on a nearly daily basis since late March, using a team of about 8-10 HL2 pros who help play-test the map. It has been performance tuned for maximum speed and playability, without sacrificing quality. It has been intentionally designed to cater to the full spectrum of fighting styles -- open-area melee fighting, maze fighting, stand offs, guerrila tactics, stealth, camping, you name it.. There's something in this map for everybody. Representing nearly 1000 hours worth of work, this map is easilly the best we've ever released. If you liked the chaos and mayhem of dm_meatgrinder (our last release, and currently the top-rated map for HL2DM on FPSBanana) you'll love Hellhole. Just check out the screenshots, and look at all the places you can run, fight, hide, or die in! :) -- Sir Charles Babbage


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