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Hey all im back from a long break from hammer, and as always im giving you guys a nice crack at my beta version. This is aim_vm_texture_b1 which stands for aim VermillioN (my gaming name) texture beta1. Any bugs or technical glitchs you find please send me a pm so that i may fix it up for beta 2. and if you have any ideas or improvements make a post. if you put this on your server please pm me i would love to stop by. --FAQ-- Q: ugh another texture map with 9999 boxes right. A: Wrong, most of the time your not even fighting there unless your a pure rusher, theres many many different places to fight Q: no nav file wtf?? A: its beta hold your horses hah. Q: how long did it take you to make this A: 25+ hours give or take so far and counting. Q: wow i see so many bugs omfg sux 1/10 A: beta 1! send me a pm so i can fix them please. Q: i noticed you said beta 1, whens beta 2? A: im hoping within a week or two but who really knoes right? Q no.. wrong. Q: I C theres some easter eggs/secrets where? A: one is underground (look near the boxes) one is threw the big wall (look under the stairs) ;]



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    Pros: Great lighting and shadows and size good for any amount of players Cons: none Improvements: none Notes: seriously awesome, keep it up


    The thrill of one more kill.
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    Pros: Awesome map, cuz. thx for letting me rtest it wit u, way better than mine


    It will be your honor for me t
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    Pros: I like the shadows in the map which makes the ap look more realistic. I like the layout which makes the map look fun. Cons: None. Improvements: None. Notes: Good job, I would love to see you submit more maps.


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